1. Six players per team
    1. Center (rover) plays offense and defense, full court.
    2. Forwards (2) left and right wings, cannot pass centerline into defensive court.
    3. Defense (2) left and right, cannot pass centerline into offensive court.
    4. Goalie- may use hands, feet or stick to stop the puck.
  2. Play begins with a face-off
    1. Face-off is taken by the two centers.
    2. Sticks must be on the floor.
    3. All other players must be outside the circle.
    4. Ball or puck must be passed, a goal may not be scored directly from the face-off.
  3. Scoring
    1. One point per goal.
    2. Goal is counted if the ball passes completely over the goal line or if the ball deflects off a player or equipment into the net.
    3. A goal cannot be scored off of a foul, if the ball is kicked into the net or if an offensive player is in the goal box (crease).
  4. Rules (minor fouls) five fouls- player ejected
    1. Results in stoppage of play and face-off
      1. No holding, stepping or laying on the ball.
      2. Offensive player in the crease.
      3. Not using hands to play a ball in the air above the waist.
      4. Body checking- leaning or pushing.
    2. Major fouls five penalties- player ejected
      1. Cross checking with a stick.
      2. Throwing stick or ball.
      3. Deliberate roughness.
      4. Slashing- hitting opponent with stick.
      5. Dangerous use of stick above waist.