1. Terms
    1. Offense – team with possession of the ball.
    2. Defense – team without possession of the ball.
    3. Line of Scrimmage – imaginary line where the ball is placed to start each play. The line of scrimmage divides the offensive and defensive teams.
    4. Interception – when the defense catches a passed ball.
    5. Fumble – when a player with possession of the ball drops it.
    6. Pass – when the ball is thrown
    7. Center Snap – when the center, passes the ball through his/her legs to the quarterback.
    8. Punt – on 4th down, when the ball is kicked away to the opposing team.
    9. Off –Sides – when a player lines up on or over the line of scrimmage.
    10. Down – the offensive team gets 4 downs (plays) to move the ball. If the ball is moved 10 or more yards, the result is first down; the team then gets another 4 downs. If the ball in not moved the 10 yards, the ball is usually punted on the 4th down.
  2. Players and Positions – 11 players per team for a regulation game.
    1. Quarterback – player that throws a pass or hands off to running back.
    2. Receiver – player that catches a thrown ball.
    3. Defensive Linemen – line up along the line of scrimmage; rush to attempt to sack the quarterback.
    4. Center – part of the offensive line; hikes or snaps the ball to the quarterback.
    5. Offensive Linemen – line up along the line of scrimmage and block for and protect the quarterback.
    6. Defensive Back – players that cover the receivers; tries to intercept the ball.
  3. Scoring
    1. Touchdown – when the ball crosses the goal line; 6 points
    2. Point After Touchdown – when the ball is kicked through the goalposts after a touchdown; 1 point
    3. 2 Point Conversion – can be done instead of the Point after Touchdown. The ball is passed or a player can run across the goal line; 2 points.
    4. Field Goal – when the ball is kicked through the goal posts on 4th down; 3 points.
    5. Safety – when an offensive player is caught behind their own goal line with possession of the ball; 2 points.
  4. Playing Area – Field
    1. 100 yards between goal lines
    2. 10 yard end zone between each goal line
    3. Total field – 120 yards long
    4. 160 feet wide
    5. Middle of field – 50 yard line
    6. Goalposts – 18 feet 6 inches wide, crossbar – 10 feet high.