1. Lacrosse is not a game of strength or size but team work, stick work, and fair play.
  2. Indoor 6 players per team; regulation game has 11.
    1. 1 rover plays offense and defense; full court
    2. 2 forwards plays in the front court
    3. 2 defense plays in back court
    4. 1 goalie
  3. Terms
    1. Cross stick used to play the game
    2. Scoop to pick up a ball rolling toward you
    3. Rake to pick up a stationary ball or one rolling away from you.
    4. Cradle method used to keep the ball in the cross while running.
    5. Mouse Trap to trap a loose ball with the cross to maintain possession.
    6. Crease - area in front of the goal.
  4. Rules
    1. Play the ball not the opponent; no stick or body contact allowed.
    2. Play should be continuous; no stalling
    3. 3 passes before shooting
    4. Offensive players are not allowed in the crease.
    5. Defense guards by holding the stick straight up.
    6. Goalie is the only player allowed to use hands.
    7. If 2 players are fighting for possession, the first to trap gets possession.
    8. The ball must be passed over the center line.
    9. A goal is worth 1 point.