Letter From Advisors

Dear Parents or Guardians,

As class advisors, our goals are to provide members of each class with opportunities to earn money through fundraising. Students participating in these fundraisers would earn money that would go into their individual accounts. In turn, the money would then be applied to the price of their prom bid.

In speaking with some parents, it has been brought to our attention that some students have not been informed of class activities and/or fundraising events. In an effort to keep everyone apprised of upcoming events, we would like to set up an e-mail list of all parents who are interested in recieving information. Below you will find our e-mail addresses and we would appreciate it if you e-mail the appropriate class advisor if you are interested in being placed on a list. This would provide us with another source of communication in our efforts to keep the parents informed.

We hope you will find this e-mail plan beneficial in keeping you informed of activities. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Class of 2017
Kathleen Freeman - freeman@cranfordschools.org
Nicole Savino Mulcahy - savino@cranfordschools.org

Class of 2018
Kerry Yorkanis - Yorkanis@cranfordschools.org
Andrew Gagliardo - gagliardo@cranfordschools.org

Class of 2019
Robin Melleno - mellenor@cranfordschools.org
Gregg Caverly - caverlyg@cranfordschools.org

Class of 2020
Mike Mangarelli - mangarelli@cranfordschools.org
Denice Schmidt - denice.schmidt@cranfordschools.org