Links for Students

Virtual Learning Environment.
Check the status of Cranford High School's Library, use EBSCO and other online databases.
This service is open to all CHS students that either want a math tutor or want to become one.
The online website to apply for colleges, request teacher recomendations, and check scholarships.
The Period Notifier is a student-made webpage that tells you exactly when the period will be over and time in between classes.
PowerSchool is a way to go online and check the status of your grades and absenses.
CHS uses this version of Cloud Storage; a free, online website that allows you to upload your files. Use your PowerSchool username and password to login.
Website to turn in papers.
NSA Day of Cyber was made by the NSA to inform students about careers in cyber security. Either log in with a pre existing account or create a new account with the code 79risl1.
Tips to know before starting high school.
Great suggestions for Junior Internship and Senior Service as well as regular volunteer service opportunities.