Student of The Week

  • Max Bacall, 2017

  • Non-Web Topic: Winter Track
    Here at CHS I am on the winter track team. We meet every day in the cafeteria, then the team splits up into three sections: sprinters, distance, and throwers. Each section does their own warm-up drills, then we go on to the workout. I run distance, and an average practice for us could consist of running two or three miles. The sprinters do shorter distances, and they run them faster. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they lift in the weight room. The throwers are in the weight room often, and sometimes they go out behind the school and practice throwing, or doing their own workouts. There are some kids who doing jumping events as well as sprinting, and every once in a while they go to the track to practice there. At the end of practice, the runners all come back to the cafeteria to do an eight-minute ab circuit workout.
  • Web Topic: Code in Flash
    Adobe Flash is a program used to create web animations. But did you know that you can code in it also? Many people create Flash-based computer games on the Internet. This year I have set out to learn how to use Flash. Since I am only starting out, I only know a bit of code, so I created an animation of a cannon firing and coded in a replay button at the end. I know it doesn't look very impressive, but believe it or not, it took me over a week in class to create this animation. I look forward to creating bigger and better animations in the future.