Student of The Week

  • Trevor J. Aschmies, 2017

  • Non-Web Topic:
    As my final poetry project for Ms. Hilborn's Honors English III, I have made a short visual interpretation with my friends on the poem "Dulce Et Decorum Est". The poem recounts one of the many horrific events of Wilfred Owen's career in the British military during World War 1. It's an excellent critique of the purpose of war, and I highly encourage you to read the poem and check out some other great works by Siegfried Sassoon, a close friend of Owen's. You can find a link to my visual interpretation on my website below.

  • Web Topic:
    This year in my Web 2 class I created a website dedicated entirely to my short films and film critiques. I used the increasingly popular to help me create my website layout, but even with this help, I still had to build my site to my own liking. I have dedicated countless hours to its updates, and I've come a long way from when I first started it. Next year I will be joining the Web Master Team in maintaining the school website. Click each picture to check out my work!