Student of The Week

  • Andrew Dolan, Class of 2019

  • Topic: JV Baseball
    For my section of the CHS Student Corner, I am going to talk about JV Baseball. I have been on JV Baseball since the beginning of Spring 2017 and my prior experience with Cranford High School Baseball was last year when I was on the Freshman Baseball Team. This year is a good year for Cranford JV Baseball; our record is (as of April 27, 2017) 5-0. We are currently number 1 seed (rank) in Union County. As a direct result of my time with CHS Baseball, I have grown drastically in both my social skills and in my ability as a baseball player. Through the teachings of Coach McCaffery (Head Coach for Varsity), Coach Gilstrap (Head Coach for JV Baseball and former student/player for CHS) and last but not least Coach Daubert (the Freshman Head Coach) I have learned the true importance of trust in your teammates and friends. All of the Head Coaches for Cranford Baseball have continued to kindle my love for the sport and I look forward to the continued success of my baseball career at CHS.