Student of The Week

  • Jonathan Esperto, Class of 2017

  • Topic: 4 Years and I'm Out
    Feels like yesterday when I was just a freshman at CHS. It's crazy how four years just goes so fast. For my section of the Student Corner, I want to reflect on my last year here and talk about what's coming up. I'll start by admitting that senior year, in my opinion, is by far the best year I had here. Academically, you have completed most of your requirements and have more freedom of taking the classes you want to take. The previous three years can be a bit stressful because you have to fit in all the requirements, and I can relate, but senior year is a lot more relaxing and a lot more fun. Plus, there are so many activities to look forward to. There's the fashion show, the lock-in, and prom just to name a few. It's less than two months until prom, and I can already tell it will be great. It might not be over yet, but if I could relive my senior year again, I would. So to all the seniors now and in the future, enjoy your last year!