Student of The Week

  • Ben Ravelo, Class of 2017

  • Topic: That One Time in Speech Arts
    It was Mrs. Balseiro's 4th period Speech Arts class, the day right before Spring Break, and every student was antsy. We had a substitute that day, but we all knew the day we got back from break, she'd have us start our dramatic presentations. Essentially, we had all selected a piece from a book, movie, etc., that we had to perform in front of the class. For mine, I chose the scene from the first season Marvel's Daredevil, specifically where Matt and Father Lantom discuss the devil. Well anyway, we were all nervous to present for a grade, especially when we had practice time in class for previous assignments. Quick side-note if you take Speech Arts: practice at home! Back on to the story, the substitute was told to show us a movie that day, but we had other plans. We wanted to take this time to practice our dramatic presentations, and after about 10 minutes of convincing the sub, we did. I went first, a friend of mine playing Matt and me as the Father. Things went pretty well, with my classmates providing constructive criticism. At that point in time, we had really become comfortable with each other; a little community as Mrs. Balserio would call it. That being said, another student went up and proceeded to tear our hearts apart. He read a poem about the loss of a loved one, and then regaled us with a part of Ed Sheeran's Supermarket Flowers. For those who don't know, it's a song about his dead grandmother; yeah. After he was done, we all clapped, but the substitute was in tears. She informed us that her mother's funeral was coming up that week, and she was just telling her sons about the old house (which is a little part in the song). She took it as a sign, thanked the student, and wanted to get a copy of the lyrics. The end. What was the point of that story? Well, here at Cranford, strange and touching stories like that are kind of a regular occurrence. Just letting you know.