Student of The Week

  • Jake Bradford, Class of 2018

  • CHS experience:
    The Panasonic Competition

  • For my CHS experience I am going to talk about The Panasonic Competition. The Panasonic Competition is a robot building event where the teams from across New Jersey need to build a robot that will complete different tasks that are provided by Panasonic. The devices are made out of a very limited list of materials including wood, paper clips, wood, hot glue, and some more wood. I was a part of the 3 person Cranford High School team for three years, and it was truly a great experience. It taught me how to work with a group of people, how to construct simple and complex machinery, and to think fairly creatively because some of the tasks were pretty complicated and needed very specific end effectors for the task at hand. To be a part of this team you will have to be in Mr. Rosenblum's engineering club, and then Bloom will choose three people that he believes will be successful in the construction of the robot. Overall, the competition was an amazing experience for the three years that I did it for.