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Down the Line by Gabby Litterio


As the ferocious beasts clamor at the barricades of the stadium, drunken slurs and roars echo.

Chaos erupts all around as he struggles to steady his convulsing hands and urge his steps.


At first sight of the superhuman, the animals erupt to a magnitude unheard before.

His heartbeat races faster than a hummingbird, pulsing to the speed of the sound.


Verbal brawls spew between savages of opposing teams on the verge of physicality.

Vertigo entraps his mind, his attention mesmerized by the edge and the steepness of the fall.


The stands morph into ghosts of his past who loom in the distance and struggle to ensnare him.

Rattles from his bat that drags behind him like a shovel at a graveyard after an unutterable deed.


Cries from the animals ring around his helmet and haul him forward.

Frozen in time at the plate, stalled in history.