2017-2018 Summer Assignments


AP Studio Art

Summer Assignments

Math/Computer Science

Honors Geometry

Algebra II

Algebra II Summer Packet

Algebra II Answer Sheet

Algebra II Honors

Honors Algebra 2 Questions

Honors Algebra 2 Answers

Algebra 2 Honors Summer Packet Extra Practice

Algebra 2 Honors Summer Packet Extra Practice Answers

AP Calculus

Students should have received a copy of the summer assignment from their Pre-Calculus teacher (or you can print a copy from the link below). There will be an in-class quiz on this material in the first week of school. There are notes provided below as well as the answers to assist you.

AP Calc Summer Assignment

AP Calc Summer Assignment Answers Key

AP Calculus Part A Piecewise Functions

AP Calculus Part B Interval Notation Inequalities

AP Calculus Part C Domain Range

AP Calculus Part D Graphs of Functions

AP Calculus Part E Operations Functions

AP Calculus Part G Simp Cmplx Fract Radicals

AP Computer Science

For all of the students who are taking the AP Computer Science class next year, please read this Download Instructions and follow the instructions in this document. There are three parts to your summer assignment to turn in on Day 1 in September

For all of the students who did not take the Intro to Computer Science class, please also read this Introduction to Computer Programming Course Packet. You will also need to download the following zip file containing the Jeroo Instructions. Students falling into this category have four parts to the summer assignment.

AP Computer Science Principles


AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment.

AP Physics C Summer Assignment.

AP Biology

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, June 13 at 3pm in L106 to learn about the course and pick up a textbook and summer assignment. During the summer, textbooks will be available in the Guidance office.

AP Environmental Science

Check out Mr. Campbell's eBoard for the assignment.

AP Chemistry

For a description of what you need to complete, click here.

AP Chem assignment 1

AP Chem assignment 2