CHS Spotlight

Mission Statement

Founded in 2017, the purpose of the "CHS Spotlight" is to honor and preserve the legacy of our CHS teacher, faculty, and staff family who have left a significant impact on CHS.

Nomination form:

must be filled out and submitted through our secure Google Form in order for any current CHS teacher, faculty, or staff member to be considered to be in the spotlight.

The Info Snap permission form:

MUST be filled out in order for students to be featured on the school website. Your image and quotes are private unless the school has received consent through Info Snap from you and your parents that you may be featured.

March Spotlight:


- Department

- Years taught (includs years taught prior to CHS)

- Classes they teach

- Alma mater (can also include home town, high school)

- Fun fact

Student Quotes

How has this facultly member impacted your time here at CHS?

Past CHS Spotlights