Frequently Asked Questions

In order to access the athletic calendar and schedules for CHS students, click this link.
All of the teachers emails can be found here on the faculty page.
PowerSchool is the best way to keep up to date on all of your grades. If you are a student or parent, click this link to access Powerschool. Teachers should use this link instead.
Naviance is your student portal that helps you apply to colleges, scholarships, and more. Click this link to access Naviance.
Information about all the clubs CHS has to offer is available here. The club fair slideshow is also a good resource to get a feel for what each club is about.
The principal's newsletter is a newsletter addressed to all of the CHS students, parents, and teachers which can be found here.
You can see all of the interesting awards, accomplishments, and events that happened throughout the course of the year on the Special Announcements page.
If you have any info about a specific event or club you would like to be put on the website email the Webmaster Team at