Co-Curricular Mission Statement

Cranford High School offers an extensive and varied program of co-curricular activities.
The diversity of the program should guarantee every student the opportunity to participate outside of the class in an activity of interest to them. Various co-curricular activities should offer students an opportunity for personal enrichment through a blending of fun, learning, and a sense of accomplishment.

Participation in activities beyond the classroom helps students bond with their school community and enjoy a sense of belonging. Additional positive outcomes include leadership; decision-making; socialization skills; character building; teamwork; and understanding among the various groups of students. These activities are meant to complement the academic program, which is still considered to be the primary purpose for school.

Each co-curricular activity is expected to have a Constitution, which defines leadership responsibility and procedures for removal, when necessary. Leadership is considered to be a 24-hour responsibility, and an officer's lack of exemplary behavior may result in a removal from the position.

All co-curricular activities are open to all students, regardless of race, national origin, or gender. Secret clubs and hazing practices are not permitted at Cranford High School. There are, however, certain activities that, by their nature, are restricted. These activities (selective) have restrictions that are based on merit, such as the various honor societies. As such, their requirements will vary from the vast majority of activities(voluntary).