All Clubs

  • Animal Awareness Club

    Advisor - Ms. Boruch

    Community Service
    Members of this club help spread awareness regarding how to help animals in need. They also hold fundraisers to raise money for animals in need. The focus is mostly on homeless animals, shelter pets, and wild/endangered animals.
  • Animation Club

    Advisor - Mrs. Carroll (L207)

    Enjoying the art of animation by watching animated shows, both Western and Eastern.
  • Arts Club, The

    Advisor - Ms. Knego (A207) & Ms. Barkin (A206)

    Members explore art techniques and work on hands-on projects to beautify the school.
  • Auto Club

    Advisor - Mr. Fealey (R106)

    Applied Technology
    Hands on maintenance of automobiles
  • Building Bridges

    Advisor - Ms. Shaw (L314)

    Community Service
    High School students plan and implement activities that foster relationships with younger students in the community.
  • Class Advisors

    Advisors by Year

    Student Council
    Student Politics Clubs
    2019: Ms. Melleno (Library) & Mr. Caverly (L302A)
    2020: Ms. Corlett (L208) & Ms. Schmidt (L211)
    2021: Ms. Jung (L322) & Ms. Sheehan (L317)
    2022: Ms. Savino-Mulcahy (L413) & Ms. Lewis (1st Floor)
    Promotes school spirit and class unity; class activities raise money to defray the cost of the senior prom and other senior events.
  • Computer Honor Society & Club

    Advisor - Mr. R. Bell (Room: L320(Computer Lab))

    Weekly meeting where we learn about Computer Science topics not focused on in regular classes, we provide community service projects, occasionally have social events, and competitions with fabulous prizes!
  • Dance Club

    Advisor - Ms. Donahue (A201)

    The Dance Club hosts field trips and performances throughout the school year geared towards all forms of dance. All members are cast in our annual 'Winter Showcase' with sophomore-senior members serving as choreographers and freshmen having the opportunity to work additionally with a CHS alum guest choreographer. Student choreography has been selected to perform at Teen Arts and the 92nd Street Y in New York City in previous years. The Dance Club is also a facilitator of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts.
  • DECA

    Advisor - Ms. Cathcart (School Store), Ms. Keyasko

    Regional, state, and national competitions in business marketing and merchandising
  • Diversity Council

    Advisor - Ms. Savino-Mulcahy (L413)


    Promote tolerance in CHS community through group discussions and projects.
  • Environmental Club

    Advisor - Mr. Campbell (A106)

    Science Clubs
    The Environmental Club is an organization designed to provide increased opportunities for learning and community participation related to sustainability and environmental initiatives. No prior knowledge necessary! Activities include: reusable bag project, reusable water bottle initiative, courtyard composting, organic gardening/rain garden/greenhouse visits, and sustainable eco-travel.
  • French Club & Honor Society

    Advisor - Mr. Whipple (L208)

    World Language
    Promotes tolerance of French culture and people; the club enjoys many social activities.
  • Future Educators Association

    Advisor - Ms. Balseiro (A205)

    In conjunction with the Ready, Set, Teach course, students continue to explore teaching as a profession.
  • Gay-Straight Alliance

    Advisor - Ms. Lafargue (R102)

    GSA is a student run club whose goal it is to provide a safe, supportive and accepting school environment for all students regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
  • Gender Equity Advocates

    Advisor - Ms. Nunnally-Duck (L317) & Ms. Sheehan (L317)

    Gender Equity Advocates is a club open to all students who are interested in discussing the roles of women in modern society.  Designated to educate the student body on women's issues, the club meets to discuss and promote positive attitudes toward women and explore current social, legal, and domestic issues.
  • German Club & Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. Schmidt (L211)

    World Language
    Fosters a greater understanding of German culture, tradition and history through discussions and social events.
  • Glamour Gals

    Advisor - Ms. Carroll (Main Office)

    Community Service
    Glamour Gals is a club in which students visit a local nursing/senior home and make the residents feel youthful and beautiful! Although the makeup is minimal, such as nail polish and lipstick, the women greatly appreciate it. Run through a national organization, the CHS Glamour Gals team is always looking for new people to join!
  • Global Affairs Cohort

    Advisor - Ms. Savino-Mulcahy (L416)

    Help inspire students to develop a strong understanding of global affairs and the impact on their lives. Through intensive learning experiences, students interact with diplomats, colleges, as well as other budding student leaders to explore issues with local, national and global reach.
  • Golden C Business

    Advisor - Ms. Rendek (L417)

    Students work on the business component of producing the Golden C Yearbook.
  • Golden C Yearbook

    Advisor - Ms. Czapelski (L401/L402)

    Language Arts
    Student creation of Yearbook involves layout and design, photography, and written expression. Check @chsyearbook.2019 on Instagram for updates.
  • Japanese Club & Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. Fisco (Room: L209) & Ms. Wingate (Room: L209)

    World Language
    Fosters a greater understanding of Japanese culture, tradition, and history through field trips and social events.
  • Latin Club and Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. McGuire (Room: L207)

    World Language
    Fosters a greater understanding of Latin, cultural elements and history.
  • Math Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. Boruch (L322) & Ms. Sheehan (L317)

    Honor Society
    Mu Alpha Theta is a national Math Honor Society that recognizes juniors and seniors who have excelled in mathematics. Cranford's local chapter runs a math-tutoring center before, during, and after school on a daily basis. To become a tutor or to request tutoring, please sign up Here.
  • Mock Trial

    Advisor - Mr. Hoglund (L415)

    Social Studies Clubs
    Students assume the roles of attorneys, witnesses and jurors in either a criminal or civil case; CHS then competes in county and state-wide competitions.
  • Model United Nations

    Advisor - Ms. Cortinas (R103) & Mr. Bell (L320)

    Student Politics Clubs
    Students work with teammates to debate world issues; each delegate is assigned a committee and a “country” to develop resolutions before the annual conference in Hershey Park.
  • N.J. Math League

    Advisor - Mr. Schugel (L316) & Ms. Dugandzic (L301)

    A monthly statewide mathematics competition open to all students of Cranford High School.
  • National Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. Santomauro(L302)

    Honor Society
    NHS encourages high attainment in scholarship and in all those activities which develop the best citizenship. Membership is open to juniors and seniors with a specified GPA and a requisite number of activities that denote leadership, character, and service.
  • National Social Studies Honor Society & History Club

    Advisor - Mr. Mangarelli (L416)

    Honor Society
    The Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society is an organization dedicated to recognizing student excellence in all social studies classes.  Juniors and Seniors are invited into the honor society based on its members' grades, extracurricular activities and service to Cranford High School and their fellow students.
  • PRIDE Leadership

    Advisor - Ms. Drwiega & Ms. Williams (Room: L421)

    Community Service
    First and second year facilitators offer programs for elementary students as well as freshmen at CHS. In addition, Peer facilitators act as ambassadors in the building and promote character and service.
  • The Pre-Engineering, Robotics, Computer and Architecture Club

    Advisor - Mr. Rosenblum (R108)

    Applied Technology
    This club enters competitions held at local colleges and universities. Members learn design, mechanical, electrical, structural and construction technology in preparation for competition.
  • Prologue

    Advisor - Ms. Sherman (L303)

    Language Arts
    Student members create the art and literary magazine, Prologue, while working on creative writing and editing skills.
  • Peer Tutoring

    Advisor - Ms. Klemm (Guidance)

    Community Service
    Students supporting students for academic success. Peer tutors are available to provide academic assistance for a variety of courses. The link to request a tutor is found on the Cranford High School website under Life at CHS Links for Students.
  • RISE Above Mindfulness Program

    Advisor - Dr. Carroll (Main Office)

    Meets every Wednesday during lunch in Room L201
  • Rotary Interact Club

    Advisor - Ms. Ulaky

    Community Service
    Service organization: members work on community projects to help others in need.
  • Science Leagues

    Advisor - Mr. Castagno (L103)

    Science Clubs
    Academic competition in various sciences.
  • Spanish Club & Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. Burton (L206)

    World Language
    Club members learn about language and culture through trips and social activities.
  • Sports Debate Club

    Advisor - Mr. Braff

    The Sports Debate Club is where like-minded sport enthusiasts meet to debate the latest going on in sports, followed by sport trivia.
  • Spotlight Digital News Source

    Advisor - Mr. Ciarrocca (L313)

    Language Arts
    Students create the CHS newspaper, Spotlight, which is published each marking period. Members act as editors and writers to report on news of interest to the student body.
  • Strategists Club

    Advisor - Mr. Jala (L318)

    Students learn the basics and/or master strategic moves while playing against other students and faculty in tournaments.
  • Student Council

    Advisor - Mr. Vito (L415) & Mr. Leong (R101)

    Student Council
    Student senators and officers act as liaisons between the student body and administration; the group also plans school social events, discussion forums and participates in community service projects.
  • Union County Teen Arts Coordinator

    Advisor - Ms. Donahue (Room: A201)

  • Webmaster Team

    Mr. R. Bell (L320)

    Maintenance of CHS website.
  • Wood Technology Club

    Advisor - Mr. Martinez (R105)

    Applied Technology
    The Wood Tech Club is open to all students of all abilities. The club provides students an opportunity to explore woodworking techniques beyond the basic school curriculum.
  • Writing Center Director

    Advisor - Ms. Conter(L314)

    Language Arts
  • Youth and Government

    Advisor - Mr. Hoglund (L415)

    Student Politics Clubs
    Members create and draft bills to be debated and passed at the annual conference at the State House in Trenton.