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  • American Sign Language (ASL) Club

    Advisor - Mrs. Savino-Mulcahy

    World Language
    Are you interested in learning a universal language? Have you ever wanted to learn American Sign Language? Join the Cranford High School ASL Club! Each week, on Fridays our club meets and we teach lessons on ASL! This is a fun way to learn and meet new people.

    Google Classroom
    Remind: Text @chssigns to 81010
  • Animal Awareness Club

    Advisor - Mrs. Shaw

    Community Service
    The Animal Awareness Club raises donations for animal charities. We also discuss and spread awareness of animal rights issues!

    Classroom Code: btup34a
    Instagram: animalawareness.chs
  • Art Service Club

    Advisor - Mrs. Barkin

    The Art Service Club is a group of dedicated students who enjoy creating art and working with other students to beautify Cranford High School. Join the Art Service Club to leave a permanent mark on your school. We meet weekly most Tuesdays, 3:00 - 4:00 pm in the large cafeteria.
    Come join the fun and let your creativity shine!
  • Auto Club

    Advisor - Mr. Fealey

    Applied Technology
    Come help repair and restore automobiles!
  • Building Bridges

    Advisor - Mrs. Savino-Mulcahy

    Community Service
    The Building Bridges program provides CHS students an opportunity to partner with young children from the Cranford community. You have the ability to make crafts, play games and develop a great bond with your young friends. Creating a bridge that links our high school to the lower grades ensures that we maintain a solid connection and maintains a firm sense of community among our student population here in Cranford.

    Admission Form
  • Business Honors Society

    Advisor - Ms. Cathcart

    Promote, recognize academic achievement in business education, Foster and recognize leadership skills, and encourage an interest in business.

    Room L213,
  • Class of 2024

    Advisors - Ms. Willner & Ms. Perello

    The Class of 2024 is the best way to engage in CHS from start to finish and raise money for your senior prom! Student involvement also includes class elections and many leadership opportunities for students at different levels - from designing projects to becoming elected class officials.

    Classroom Code: wffhdbi
    Remind (Last Name A-M): Text @amclassof2 to 81010.
    Remind (Last Name N-Z): Text @nzclas to 81010.
  • Class of 2025

    Advisors - Ms. Phillips & Ms. Hooks (L313)

    Being an active member of the Class of 2025 is the best way to engage in CHS from start to finish! Your goal is to raise money for your senior prom! Student involvement also includes class elections and many leadership opportunities for students at different levels - from designing projects to becoming elected class officials.
  • Class of 2026

    Advisors - Mr. Mangarelli & Mrs. Savino-Mulcahy

    The Class of 2026 raises money to help defray the cost of Senior prom. We also help make many memories! We have created a class team for Relay for Life- Ray of Hope, we secured donations for the mural paintings around CHS in addition to traditional class fundraisers. We plan group fundraisers as well as individual fundraisers that can add money into a student's personal prom account.

  • Class of 2027

    Advisors - Ms. Gunning & Ms. Lieberman

  • Computer Club & Honor Society (CHS^2)

    Advisor - Mr. R. Bell

    Our meetings involve learning about computer science trends and inventions such as cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and encryption. We also participate in hackathons, capture the flag events and community service projects.
  • Dance Club

    Advisor - Ms. Donahue (A201)

    Dance Club meets every week to learn and create new dances for our Winter Showcase and Spring Concert. Students have the opportunity to perform in a collaborative fun group dance and/or smaller dances choreographed by their peers. Students can also choreograph a dance for the show with the option to bring the piece to Teen Arts in the spring.

  • DECA

    Advisors - Mr. Braff & Mr. Macho

    DECA is an association of marketing students that encourages the development of business and leadership skills through academic conferences and competitions at the regional, state, and national levels.
  • Dialogue: Digital News Source

    Advisors - Mr. Ciarrocca & Mrs. Szeluga

    Language Arts
    Dialogue is Cranford High School’s online news source that celebrates the CHS community through student-driven content. Dialogue shares student blogs, podcasts, art, and any material student’s want to be shared through the Dialogue app and website.
    Google Classroom: 724hdgc
    Remind: @dialogue2
  • English Honor Society (Epilogue)

    Advisor - Ms. Stoto

    Language Arts
    Honoring excellence in English language, literature, and writing, members will participate in service activities and field trips.
  • Environmental Club

    Advisor - Mr. Campbell (A106)

    This club is designed for students who want to make a positive environmental impact outside of class! Focuses include our outdoor garden and compost project, reducing the use of disposable bottles and other materials in the school, fundraising for additional water refill stations, park and river cleanups, Earth Day awareness and events, and biodiversity assessments of local wildlife habitats.

  • ESports

    Advisor - Mr. R Bell

    Competitive competitions, friendly scrimmages, tournaments, streaming, graphic design contests and more. We compete in rated T and below games, and have SSBU, Rocket League and Valorant Varsity Level Championship League Teams running this year.

    Classroom Code: hrwkyks
  • Film Club

    Advisor - Mr. Corazza

    A great way to meet people and watch/discuss some good movies!
  • Foods Club

    Advisor - Ms. Barbera

  • French Club & Honor Society

    Advisor - Mr. Whipple (L208)

    World Language
    French Club is open to any student interested in French and Francophone culture.

  • Future Educators of America

    Advisor - Mrs. Balseiro (A205)

    Students explore teaching as a profession with Community Service Projects, Guest Speakers, Educational Conferences, Discussions with Professors, Administrators, Teachers, and Interns.

    Future Educators Website
    Classroom Code: lzlsbvw
    FEA Membership Signup Form
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance

    Advisor - Ms. Lafargue (R102)

    The Cranford GSA is a safe space for students to talk about current issues that LGBTQ+ youth experience. Activism and awareness are discussed, and events take place throughout the year. As this group emphasizes “alliance”, all are welcome to join. Fundraising activities benefit LGBTQ+ charities with a focus on young people.

    Classroom Code: 4xwirft
  • Gender Equity Advocates

    Advisor - Ms. Gunning (L313)

    Gender Equity Advocates is a club open to all students who are interested in discussing the roles of women in modern society. Designated to educate the student body on women's issues, the club meets to discuss and promote positive attitudes toward women and explore current social, legal, and domestic issues.

    Classroom Code: h6auq5f
    Remind: @chsgea908
  • German Club & Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. Schmidt (L211)

    World Language
    We gather in-person & virtually once per month for fun events such as Kaffeeklatsch, Oktoberfest, Christkindlmarkt, Movies, Blankets of Love, Spaetzle- making, and more.

  • Girls Who Code

    Advisor - Mr. Bell

    Girls Who Code (GWC) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology and computer science. The mission is to inspire more girls to become computer scientists and engineers. All girls, women and nonbinary individuals are welcome. We host fun activities surrounding computer science as well as computer science related community service.

    Classroom Code: m4ixppc
  • Golden C Yearbook - Business Team

    Advisors - Mr. Mangarelli

    Put your business and marketing skills to use by helping us promote and sell the yearbook this year!

    Remind: Text @mangchs to 81010
  • Guitar Club

    Mr. Chernosky

    Meet in Room A204 during Lunch A of Day 1. All are welcome!
  • Homework Club (H.E.L.P.)

    Advisor - Ms. Lieberman

    Homework Club runs Tuesday through Thursday, 3-4pm, for any student needing to complete missing work or catch up on assignments. This is a great resource for students to complete homework and to receive additional support outside of class.

    Advisor - Mrs. Savino-Mulcahy

    IMMERSE seeks to make change! Our mission is to help create a community within Cranford High School that celebrates diversity, promotes inclusivity, and advocates for equality for all. This club is committed to working with the community at large as well as lower grades to build a partnership that embraces our mission and helps to strengthen the fabric of our town.

    Admission Form
  • Japanese Club & Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. Wingate (Room: L209)

    World Language
    At Japanese Club, we welcome anyone who has any kind of interest in Japanese culture. Whether it be video games, manga, television, traditional art, fashion, or food, we aim to explore a variety of topics that help kindle discussion and questions. The purpose of Japanese Club at CHS is to bridge the gap between our own cultures and that of Japan. As we explore Japanese linguistic and cultural topics, we strive to become open-minded global citizens in an ever-changing international arena. Learning more about another country and its customs will help us become more culturally understanding during a time where young ambassadors are needed to help facilitate dialogue with other nations.
    Admission Form
  • Knitting Service Club

    Advisor - Ms. Perello

    The CHS Knitting Service Club is for anyone who knows how to knit or crochet or would like to learn how to knit or crochet! The goal of the club is to create items that will be donated to homeless shelters and/or hospitals so you can earn them sweet sweet service hours. The Knitting Service Club is a great way to calm your mind and get off technology while learning a new skill in a space free of judgment, while doing good for the community!

    Classroom Code: ajeue3
  • Latin Club and Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. McGuire (Room: L207)

    World Language
    Latin Club promotes the study of the Latin language and Roman and Greek culture through participation in social activities after school and in the Cranford community, academic competitions at CHS and online, as well as fundraisers for charitable causes. Please see our link below for a list of activities that we have been involved in over the last few years and a sign up form to register for the Latin Club!

    Admission Form
  • Math Honor Society

    Advisors - Ms. Fekete & Ms. Brunn

    Mu Alpha Theta is a national Math Honor Society that recognizes juniors and seniors who have excelled in mathematics. Cranford's local chapter members contribute to our school-based tutoring program.
  • Medical Careers Club

    Advisor - Ms. Castellana

  • Mock Trial

    Advisor - Mr. Hoglund (L415)

    Mock Trial is the BEST club ever for students who love to debate, act or prepare for a law career. Students work under the mentorship of a local Cranford lawyer to prepare arguments for a mock civil or criminal case in a New Jersey court. The competition is normally held at Union County Court in Elizabeth. Top students in CHS have been members of this club and have moved onto semi-finals, so you will join an excellent group! We try to do one club trip per year to a law school or law-related destination. We welcome students who would like to work on their public speaking skills.
  • Model United Nations

    Advisors - Ms. Cortinas & Mr. Jala

    Student Politics Clubs
    Research and represent a country at a regional Conference, debate and solve global issues, work with students from other schools, speak in parliamentary procedure, and use real United Nations procedures. HAVE TONS OF MUN FUN!!!

    Google Classroom
    Instagram: @munchs3
    TikTok: @chsmundunks
  • National Honor Society

    Advisor - Mrs. Savino-Mulcahy

    The National Honor Society elevates a school’s commitment to the values of Character, Service, Leadership, and Scholarship. CHS students who have a GPA of 3.75 or higher are invited to apply for membership during the second semester of their Junior year (and any subsequent semester if their GPA qualifies). NHS members commit to completing at least 10 community service hours per semester, maintaining a 3.75 GPA, and serving as exemplary students adhering to the values listed above.
  • National Social Studies Honor Society

    Advisor - Mr. Vito

    The Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society is an organization dedicated to recognizing student excellence in all social studies classes. All Juniors and Seniors are invited into the honor society based on its members' grades, extracurricular activities and service to Cranford High School and their fellow students.
  • N.J. Math League

    Advisors - Mr. Schugel (L316) & Ms. Dugandzic (L301)

    A statewide academic competition of 6 Math Contests. The competitions are open to all high school students.

    Classroom Code: diqpxm6
  • Peer Tutoring

    Advisor - Mr. Wagenblast

    Community Service
    Together with our Honor Society Students, CHS has a peer tutoring program to support students who would like additional support with their core courses. Signing up for tutoring in 2022-2023 provides permission for Peer Tutoring using a safe platform. In general, tutoring takes place at CHS before school or during the lunch block. The Program will begin in October. Information will be advertised on the CHS website.

    CHS Tutoring Website
  • Pre-Engineering, Robotics, Computer and Architecture Club

    Advisor - Mr. Rosenblum (R108)

    Applied Technology
    We build technology! Bluetooth Speakers, bridges for competitions, architectural designs, lamps, computers, 3d printed objects, and courtyard redesign. Initially, please eat your lunch prior to arrival at the club. Contact me for a pass or more information either in person or email.

    Meetings during lunch: Days 2, 3, and 4
  • PRIDE Leadership

    Advisors - Ms. Drwiega & Ms. Charles (L421)

    Community Service
    Peers Rooted in Integrity and Developing Excellence. Members of PRIDE are role models and ambassadors of Cranford High School. They are asked to run different events such as Freshmen Orientation, Back To School Night, and outreaches for the middle schools. Members are those that are willing to help their peers navigate CHS in all facets and promote a positive student climate.
  • Prologue Literary and Art Magazine

    Advisor - Ms. Szeluga

    Language Arts
    Prologue is Cranford High School’s literature and art magazine. Students in the club will support the creation of the 2023-2024 magazine, while working on creative writing and editing skills. Contributions to Prologue represent some of the finest art and literature created by Cranford High School students in grades nine through twelve during the school year. The magazine is dedicated to young people who strive to develop and express their talent and creativity and to all who influence and guide them. Check out last year’s edition of Prologue here.

    Classroom Code: 6qvd2kn
  • Rotary Interact Club

    Advisor - Ms. Gurman

    Community Service
    Rotary International is a humanitarian service organization which brings businesses and professional leaders together in order to provide community service, promote integrity and advance goodwill, peace and understanding in the world. The Rotary Interact Club (RIC) is open to all CHS students who are interested in developing leadership skills while volunteering in our community through service projects, collections and other activities to help those in need. Past activities include volunteering at Children’s Specialized Hospital, food banks, and soup kitchens. In town, RIC annually participates in Relay for Life. Through our collection efforts we have provided for veterans, senior citizens, local nursing homes, Cranford Family Care, the Shining Stars organization and many other charities. Meetings are held every other Wednesday morning from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. in the small cafeteria. First meeting is Wednesday, September 14th.
  • Science Honor Society

    Advisor(s) - TBD

    Students who have a Science GPA of 4.2 as well as overall GPA of 3.5 are invited to join the Science National Honors Society. Meets eight times a year, elects officers, brings in speakers from the scientific community, and provides peer tutoring in science.
  • Science League

    Advisor - Mr. Castagno (L103)

    An academic competition for all science. Biology: One team for CP/Honors, One team for AP Chemistry: One team for CP/Honors, One team for AP Physics: Multiple teams: CP/Honors, AP with Calc, AP no Calc Environmental: One team for CP/AP Competition dates are in January, February, March, and April

    Classroom Code: qmxf3w4
  • Spanish Club & Honor Society

    Advisor - Ms. M. Burton (L206)

    World Language
    Spanish Club is open to any student interested in learning about Spanish Culture (food, music...) through social activities after school. Learning more about another country and its customs will help us become more culturally understanding. In addition, fundraisers are held for charitable causes. Spanish Honor Society is open to juniors who maintain a 3.7 GPA in Spanish and a 3.5 GPA overall.

    Admission Form
  • The Strategist Guild

    Advisor - Mr. Saba

    We play board games, card games, D&D, and video games as a group from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Thursdays.

  • Student Council

    Advisors - Ms. Szeluga & Ms. Eldridge

    Student Council
    The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community. Activities: Spirit Week, Halloween Costume Contest, PowderPuff Football, Turk-A-Teacher, Mr. CHS, Day of Silence and more!

    Classroom Code: Keuwz5z
    Remind: @c6c43e
  • Technical Theater

    Mr. McQuade

    The Theater Program at CHS.
  • Webmaster Team

    Mr. R. Bell (L320)

    Students are responsible for updating the CHS website, (You're on it right now!) communicating with staff, students and the community. The WebTeam keeps the content accurate and up to date. Data driven decision making goes into changes you will see on the site.

    Email them if you have any questions:
  • Wood Technology Club

    Advisor - Mr. Martinez

    Applied Technology
    The mission of the club is to expand the knowledge of students in working with wood and other materials . All students are welcome to join .
  • Writing Center

    Advisors - Mr. Ciarroca & Mrs. Shaw

    Language Arts
    The Writing Center is a service offered to freshman and sophomore students. The tutors (juniors and seniors) can help you brainstorm, draft, revise, and edit your essays and writing assignments. All freshman, sophomore, and junior students should sign up for accounts at the Writing Center website found here.

    Classroom Code: vbmtjol
  • Golden C - Yearbook

    Advisor - Ms. Hooks

    Language Arts
    The Yearbook needs YOU to help document history and capture memories at CHS! Join the Golden C Yearbook club to ensure that your favorite clubs, events, and moments are covered. Interested in working on design, photography, reporting, or event coverage? Want experience being hands-on in the selling and distributing processes of the yearbook? Join the Yearbook club today!

    Classroom Code: vbmtjol
    Yearbook Photo Submission Form
  • Youth and Government

    Advisors - Mr. Hoglund & Ms. Schmidt

    Student Politics Clubs
    Youth and Government is perfect for young people who like to speak and debate or for those looking to improve upon these important skills. You get to research, create and present a law for passage in a mock New Jersey senate. Students can win awards and recognition. Many top CHS graduates have been part of YAG. The program and annual conference is offered through the Westfield YMCA. This year the conference will be virtual and we hope you will join us!