Links for Students

Tips to know before starting high school.
Academic integrity procedure.
Learn more about clubs with this presentation.
Cranford Dialogue News Source publishes multimodal content that fosters spirit and pride in all members of the Cranford High School community. Student-driven content reflects the diverse beliefs, interests, passions, and skills found among the individuals and groups that make up our community. Dialogue seeks to be the intersection that celebrates these with the world.
Virtual Learning Environment.
A student-made program you can use to calculate your weighted GPA at any time.
Check the status of Cranford High School's Library, use EBSCO and other online databases.
The online website to apply for colleges, request teacher recommendations, and check scholarships.
A mental health program created by a CHS student which teaches teens positive ways to cope with stress.
This service is open to all CHS students that either want a tutor or want to become one. Please contact with any questions or concerns.
PowerSchool is a way to go online and check the status of your grades and absences.
Student run Writing Center to assist students with English essays.
Website to turn in papers.
Information on working papers can be found here.
Get your 2023-2024 yearbook!