Links for Students

Tips to know before starting high school.
Class of 2019 Yearbook Instagram page
The site is filled with different forms of media which include news, blogs, photo galleries, podcasts, and vlogs, and it is all made from club members and students. New content will be posted every Monday morning, and we meet every Day 4.
Virtual Learning Environment.
A student-made program you can use to calculate your weighted GPA at any time.
Check the status of Cranford High School's Library, use EBSCO and other online databases.
The online website to apply for colleges, request teacher recommendations, and check scholarships.
This service is open to all CHS students that either want a tutor or want to become one. Please contact with any questions or concerns.
The Period Notifier is a student-made webpage that tells you exactly when the period will be over and time in between classes.
PowerSchool is a way to go online and check the status of your grades and absences.
Every Wednesday during Lunchtime. Any student can attend. No sign-up required. Eat in a calm, peaceful environment. Bring or purchase your lunch and meet in Room L201 (across from the main office).
Sign up for the SAT Prep Course taught by various teachers from the Math and English departments.
The Academy of Sciences will offer its students opportunities by providing them with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed for careers/occupations.
Student run Writing Center to assist students with English essays.
Here is a link to a video explaining the club.
Website to turn in papers.
PDF of University Program Sign up
Great suggestions for Junior Internship and Senior Internship as well as regular volunteer service opportunities.