Tips for Incoming Freshmen


  • On the first day, you will first go to homeroom. Lists will be posted in the halls to find your homeroom. Homerooms can also be found here. There you will receive your schedule and a lock and locker. You will also receive a lock and locker for PE. There is no need to bring your own lock.
  • You will know what supplies you need on the first day. Most teachers are flexible when it comes to either a binder or a notebook. Usually whatever works best for you is acceptable. Still bring at least one notebook, pens or pencils, a planner, and your summer assignments. You can never go wrong with color coding.
  • When finding a room, the letter indicates what wing the room is in, the first number indicates what floor it is on, and the last two indicate the specific room. If all else fails, ask for directions and we will gladly help you. After a week or so, the school won't seem as big.
  • If you plan to be absent, call 908-709-6284 or email Please include your name, grade, and the reason for absence.
  • Take advantage of all the classes you can take and the clubs you can join at CHS! A list of clubs can be found here and our program of studies can be found here. Join any club you may be interested to see which ones you really enjoy, even if it's out of your comfort zone. Take note of whether a certain class take one semester or one year and what prerequisite you need for a class. Sometimes you can skip a prerequisite with departmental approval.
  • You will often need to communicate to teachers and students via email. Your Google Drive account is great for saving all of your essays and projects, including group projects. Your teachers use Google Classroom to post and turn in homework assignments.
  • There are lots of resources to help you study, from online services like Quizlet to tutors here at CHS. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help.
  • Our period notifier app is a useful tool to know when classes start and end, especially because we use a block schedule and sometimes have days with an irregular schedule. Add it to your phone's homescreen.
  • There is no fifth floor. Four floors are more than enough.