Science Academy

  • Advisor: Lisa Hayeck - Science Academy Coordinator

Overview of the Science Academy

  1. VISION STATEMENT: The Academy of Sciences will offer its students opportunities by providing them with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed for careers/occupations.


    • To allow students to explore possible careers within their concentration
    • To guide students to their journey to a possible career/occupation.
    • To explore options within each area of concentration.
    • To develop individualized plans with an advisor to assist each student in reaching their own personal goals.
    • To study in their area of concentration and extend to outside the traditional day.

  3. COMPONENTS: Healthcare Sciences will be the first component to the Science Academy. Environmental Sciences and Engineering are being considered as possible additions to the Science Academy in the future.

Overview of the Healthcare Science Component

Possible careers within each educational area will serve student interests including: Professional (Doctor, Nurse, Social Worker, OT and ...), Technician/Technologist (EMT, Surgical Techs, Radiological Techs and ...) and Aides/Assistants (Recreational Therapy Assistant, Hospital Sanitary worker, Dental Assistant, Nurse Assistant and ...)

Students will apply in the spring of their freshmen year at CHS and must meet all academic eligibility including teacher recommendation an Dynamics of Healthcare. Students must take required courses/programs in the Academy but will have varied electives according to their career path.

Courses affiliated with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey can be taken. Free college credit may be earned if all requirements are met. Field experiences ranging from job shadowing, research and internships will be expose our students to the hands on learning that is needed during career exploration. Students exploring the Science Academy may concentrate their elective courses in T.E.A.C. If you would like to apply to the Science Academy click here.