Special Announcements

  • Cranford High School's Strategist Club held the 3rd Midnight Gaming of the year on June 8th. It was a success yet again, reaching 45 people. Special thanks to Logan DesRochers, Tommy Delmour, Mikos Panagakos, Mr. R. Bell and the supervisor Mr. K. Jala.

  • Cranford High School held the 2017-2018 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for the National Spanish Honor Society on June 5th. The inductees are Alexia Berenger, McKenna Flynn, Kristina Kortbaoui, Hannah McCarthy, Johanna Capone, Mia Garofalo, Christian Lijo, Kelly McMahon, Samuel Clark, Lily Gudoski, Marisa Lijoi, Rose Michetti, Lillian Collyer, Mia Harris, Emma Lore, Paulina Onisko, Julia Conolly, Erin Iredell, Jayna Mallon, Sofia Prata, Caroline Dembiczak, Burke Jaeger, Tessa Maloney, Maddie Simone, Mary Feranda, Grace Kisly, Emily Marinucci, and Juliana Tabback.

  • Bell's All Stars and Marconi's Crew played a game of ultimate frisbee on June 1st. Mr. R. Bell, Derek Thorn, and Oren Alexander annihilated that OTHER team with a score of 74 to 3.

  • Cranford High School held the 2017-2018 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for National Latin Honor Society on June 5th. The inductees are Ian Baumann, John Bush, Andrew Dolan, Andrew Gordon, Kimberly Haupt, Amanda Hogan, Jon Iosso, Jennifer Kosty, Brenna Krebs, Lucian Mahadeo, Christian Malamug, Enya Manning, Mary Grace McNamara, McKenzie Muller, Nicholas Noce, Benjamin Quinutolo, Julia Saginario, Jessica Schwartz, Kayleigh Talbot, Patrick Trojan, Theodore Trojan, Charlotte Willis, and Riona Wilson.

  • Cranford High School held the 2017-2018 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for the National Japanese Honor Society on June 5th. The inductees are Tim Eimer, Jennifer Flynn, Catherine Folger, Will Sassi, and Riona Wilson.

  • Cranford High School held the 2017-2018 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for the Delta Epsilon Phi (German Honor Society) on June 5th. The inductees are Paige Brogan, Caitlin Chiodo, Anthony DeCostello, Dylan Fahy, Claire Ganley, Mary Johnstone, Maya Jones, and Shannon Roman.

  • Cranford High School held the 2017-2018 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for the Société Honoraire de Français (French Honor Society) on June 5th. The inductees are Gabrielle Aubrey, Alexia Berenger, Quinn Bobbitt, Grace Caldwell, Claire Callahan, Gianna Carroll, Ava Estep, Adam Hollanek, Sofia Mena, Gavin Pinto, Alexander Ruskulis, Miller Schulman, and Maeve Young.

  • The spring dance concert led by Emily Donahue was a huge success. The students captivated the audience with their performance and science teacher Jenn Nisita also showed off her talents in this event.

  • Cranford High School Interact Club was awarded the Operation Chillout Homeless Veterans Outreach 2017 Partner Thank You Award. The Interact Club collected many necessities for the New Jersey homeless military veterans.

  • Several Interact Club students volunteered their time to serve meals to the less fortunate at the Soup Kitchen in Elizabeth. Their advisor is Sue Ulaky.

  • The following students received a medal for their efforts on the 2018 National Latin Exam: Latin I-Anthony Noce, Cum Laude; Latin 3-Emma Baumann, Maxima Cum Laude; Victoria Lima, Magna Cum Laude; Latin 4-Nicholas Noce, Maxima Cum Laude; Lucian Mahadeo, Magna Cum Laude; Ian Baumann, Cum Laude; Mary Grace McNamara, Cum Laude; Charlotte Willis, Cum Laude; Amanda Hogan, Cum Laude; AP Latin Literature-Keith Brown, Cum Laude; Grace Varga, Cum Laude.

  • CHS students Lindsey Twaskas, Alexander Whitemore, Judy Dullavin, Riona Wilson, Tim Eimer, Jennifer Flynn, and Will Sassi were awarded the Japanese Language and Culture Study Award by the NJ Association of Teachers of Japanese.

  • Emma Freeman and Ethan Parish were recently accepted to Temple University, Japan Campus: 2018 High School Summer Program.

  • Burke Jaeger was accepted into the NJ Scholars Program.

  • Jennifer Flynn was selected as the winner of the Arcadia University Achievement Award for her Essay Contest submission.

  • Kacie Dombrowski, Abigail Giannoble, Natalie Schindler and Alannah Clarke had their artwork selected to for the Union County Teen Arts Traveling Art Show.

  • Thirteen CHS students were accepted into the NJ All-State Choruses for 2018-2019. They are: Daniel Klimko, Matthew Mallick, Juliana Marcotrigiano, Rose Michetti, Elizabeth Pereira, Madeline Simone, Gianni Vivas, Katrina Wischusen, Max Wisnefski, and Noah Wohlsen. Accepted into the Treble Chorus, which performs in conjunction with the New Jersey Music Educators’ Conference are Erin Blake, Mckenna Flynn, and Maeve Young.

  • Emma Lore won an Instructional Award in the Apparel and Accessories Marketing Role Play event at the annual DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Samantha Davis made the USA Gymnastics Jr Olympic National Team for the second year. As a result, she will attend Olympic training camp in Texas in September and compete for the USA in Peru in October.

  • Cranford High School has finished AP exams for the 2017-2018 school year. This year, 430 students took at least one of the 31 exams offered.

  • On March 3, 2018, 28 CHS Latin students participated in the 2018 National Latin Exam. The following 11 students listed below received medals for their efforts in Latin vocabulary and word derivation, translation skills, grammatical construction, and familiarity with Greco-Roman culture, history and mythology. Congratulations to the medal winners; Anthony Noce, Emma Baumann, Victoria Lima, Nicholas Noce, Lucian Mahadeo, Ian Baumann, Mary Grace McNamara, Charlotte Willis, Amanda Hogan, Keith Brown, and Grace Varga

  • Ethan Parish, a CHS freshman, was recently accepted to Temple University, Japan Campus’ 2018 Summer Program. Ethan will be participating in excursions in Tokyo, Nikko, and a trip to DisneySea.

  • Andrew Lahrheim has been selected from a very talented pool of applicants to participate in this summer’s Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology at the Rutgers University School of Engineering.

  • Congratulations to Elizabeth McCaffery, Tom Gilmartin and Kaitlyn Herreid who are finalists in this year’s NJ Business Idea Competition 2018. They are among the top 24 submissions out of 500 that were received in this competition. There will be an awards ceremony on April 20, 2018 at Fairleigh Dickinson University Campus.

  • Justin Witwick has been chosen as a Finalist in the 2018 New Jersey Shout Down Drugs music competition. On Friday, April 27th, the 14th Annual “Prevention Concert” will showcase teens from across the state who will compete for $10,000 in music contracts. The April 27th concert will take place at Daytop in Mendham, NJ. The New Jersey Shout Down Drugs music competition is a celebration of teens who have made the decision to be a positive influence among their peers by spreading their drug-free message. Congratulations to Justin!

  • Congratulations on to our top two students in the Class of 2018!
    Valedictorian: Meg Cui
    Salutatorian: Emily Wilson

  • An absolutely outstanding Fashion Show was put together by the PTA/Project Graduation parents. As the principal I continue to be flabbergasted at the amount of time and effort the parents of our students put into helping the school and the community. It was a tremendous joy to see all of the students enjoy themselves at such a wonderful event. The Fashion Show was followed by the annual Lock-In that had the highest attendance ever this year. A tradition started many years ago by Mr. Gary Sorrentino, now organized by him and Mr. Darren Torsone and sponsored by the Municipal Alliance, this event is intended help students realize that fun comes in many different formats. It does not have to revolve around a party. The message was clear and the students and faculty had an absolute blast. As Mrs. Sorrentino stated,
    “We all played like we were in elementary school again.”

  • On March 14th 2018, many CHS students participated in a walk out that was organized in an attempt to pay respects to the students who lost their lives in the Parkland shooting. The CHS students were outside for 17 minutes, some students gave speeches about the students who passed in the shooting as well as gun control laws; the students proceeded to give a moment of silence and light candles to honor the Parkland students. It was a solemn and peaceful event.

  • Cranford High School celebrated Black History Month in February in a new way. Under the direction of Mrs. Carroll, Ms. Podbelski and the Diversity Council, throughout the month, two seminars were conducted, one college professor lecture, one guest speaker, and a week long exhibit was created.

  • On Friday, March 9, 2018 Cranford High School students were awarded with NJATJ's (NJ Association of Teachers of Japanese) Japanese Language and Culture Study Award. The students honored were Lindsey Twaskas, Alexander Whitemore, Judy Dullavin, Riona Wilson, Tim Eimer, Jennifer Flynn, and Will Sassi, nominated by Fisco-sensei, Kimura-sensei, and Wingate-sensei. There ceremony was attended by Mr. Horiki from the Consulate of Japan, who gave the congratulatory address.

  • Alexandra Pachowski, Laura Salway and Natalie Schindler had their artwork selected to be a part of the Fresh Perspectives - A Juried Art Exhibition at the Morris Museum from March 16th to June 3rd.

  • The following students were selected and will be performing in the American Choral Directors Association's All-Eastern Honor Choir in Pittsburgh this weekend. They were selected from hundreds of applicants throughout the Northeast and we're honored they'll be representing Cranford High School and our strong music program. The students are: Charlie Bernstein, Joseph Coyne, Alex Gee, Burke Jaeger, Max Kopla, Noah Kopla, Christian Malamug, Matthew Mallick, Juliana Marcotrigiano, Pria McNeil, Rose Michetti, Robert Morris, Madison Panno, Laura Salway, Madeline Simone, Justin Witwick, and Noah Wohlsen.

  • From February 27th to March 1st, the CHS DECA Club participated in the New Jersey DECA State Career Development Conference. CHS had many students who received awards at the conference. Here is a list of all the awards that were won by CHS students. Congratulations to all the students who participated at the conference.

  • CHS DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) participated in the Regional Competition at Kean University on January 11. The results are as follows: Individual Event Finalists: Apparel and Accessories Marketing, 1st place - Emma Lore;​ Automotive Services Marketing, 3rd place - Jayna Mallon; ​Entrepreneurship Series - Lee Rosenthal; ​Food Marketing Series - Steven Shore, Joseph Casazza, Veronica Niemiec;​ Hotel and Lodging Management, 1st place - Kathryn Pringle; ​Principles of Marketing - Benjamin Quinutolo, Sara Iredell, Noah Kopla; ​Sports and Entertainment Marketing, 1st place - Kevin Schwartz, ​ Ian Sullivan, Erin Infante, Michael Callahan, Chloe Levy; ​Principles of Hospitality & Tourism, 1st place - Maddy Larrabee​, 2nd Place - Deirdre Tighe​, 3rd Place - Rachel Durant, Joseph Carrea, Sarah Martin; ​Business Service Marketing, 3rd place - Kerry Pollock; ​Retail Merchandising -Kaitlyn Herreid​, Restaurant & Food Service Marketing, 2nd place - Matthew Doran, Madison Howells​. Team Events: Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making, Zachary Blevins/Gavin Kellett, Michael Carracino/Brian Nigro;​ Marketing Management Team Decision Making, 3rd place- Samantha Berry/Claire Readie; ​Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team Event, 3rd place- Chris Guiditta/Hannah McCarthy, Matthew Fonseca/Jeremy Hunt; ​Travel & Tourism Team Decision Making, Daniel Gomez/Christian Malamug

  • The following students were invited to attend the annual YMCA Youth Conference On National Affairs (CONA). ​Twenty-five student delegates of the approximately 1700 who attend the conference are selected for this honor. We have the distinction of having 2 students attending: Burke Jaeger and Emma DeBole.

  • Cranford High School flutist, Minato Hiroka​ (grade 11) was accepted into the Central Jersey Music Educators Association High School Region Band. Minato was one of 16 flutes selected from over 120 players who auditioned. He performed with other selected students from around Central New Jersey at a concert at Montgomery High School on January 15.

  • The Model UN students had a number of recent accomplishments: Danny Nicholas​ was recognized for Outstanding Country as a delegate from Czech Republic; Colin Budries ​and Minato Hiroaka​ were recognized for Outstanding Country as a delegate from United Kingdom; Nicholas Assaf ​was recognized for Outstanding Country as a delegate from United States of America; Madeline Simone​ was recognized for Premier Country as a delegate from Australia; Gabe Beckford​ was recognized as Premier Diplomat in the Non-Governmental Forum; Andrew Rojo​ was recognized for writing an Outstanding Country Research Paper; Cam Matheson ​was recognized as the Outstanding 1st Year Delegate in the International Criminal Court; Burke Jaeger​ was elected as Chair of Nation Building Committee.

  • On February 21st 2018 the CHS Latin Club came together and participated in a "FreeRice.com" academic competition for charity. The Latin Club raised a total of 18,000 grains of rice that will be donated to the World Food Bank.
    Here is a photo of the students competing against one another.

  • On January 11th, the Cranford High School Fine Art Department presented their annual Winter Art Show. Students under the tutelage of teachers Joanne Knego​, Linda Corti​ñ​as, Julie Barkin,​ and Patrick Gorman exhibited their photography, crafts, graphics and other artwork.

  • A staple of the performing arts program at Cranford is community service. The Cranford High School Madrigal Choir engaged in 18 different activities for community organizations between Thanksgiving and the New Year. These activities include their annual caroling at the Elizabeth YMCA Shelter Christmas Party and the Cranford-Elmora Soup Kitchen.

  • Toys for Tots was once again a huge success at CHS. Science Academy students and PRIDE students collected toys and donations and the Science Academy organized a Bake Sale that raised over $200. Over 150 toys were donated or collected. CHS teacher and PRIDE advisor Lisa Williams​ and Supervisor of Science & Applied Technology and Science Academy Coordinator Lisa Hayeck​ organized this event.

  • On January 11th CHS Science League members, led by advisor Michael Castagno,​ competed in their first competition for the 2017-18 School Year. CHS hosted the NJ Science League and competed against 3 other area high school science league teams. CHS entered six teams into the competition in the areas of Environmental Science, Biology 1, Chemistry 1 & 2, and Physics 1 & C. The Environmental Science and Physics C teams won first place.

  • CHS Quilting Club members with advisor Barbara Narus are making a t-shirt quilt in memory of Gene Melleno, CHS teacher who passed away earlier this year.

  • CHS Teacher Sara Sherman​ coordinated the Poetry Out Loud Competition, and senior Josiah Cadet​ will be representing Cranford next week in the regional competition at South Orange Performing Arts Center. Michelle Balseiro​ has been serving as Josiah’s mentor.

  • The CHS Mock Trial team competed at the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth last month in a criminal case that involved opioids and fentanyl, "The State of New Jersey vs. Dana Martin." The team worked diligently to prepare a case for the State and the defense team. Students have been meeting weekly since October with their teacher advisers, Amanda Charles​ and Ron Hoglund​. Additionally, local attorney Donald Frasier volunteered his time to assist and coach the students in preparing their defense and prosecution for the competition. Students rehearse roles, analyze various arguments and critique one another's performance.

  • On December 16th, a very cold Saturday, the Global Affairs Cohort, consisting of a mixed gtoup of juniors and seniors, volunteered to work with Habitat for Humanity on a job site in Orange, New Jersey. Here they learned how to install hardwood flooring. They were able to speak with a regional coordinator about the workings of the program and how it services the community. The students and their advisor, Nicole Savino Mulcahy​, were honored to meet a recipient of one of the homes. The students were so moved by the experience that they want to sign up for an additional date in May.

  • 27 clubs at CHS participated in the club fair this year. The fair was held during lunch and many students came to view the information about the different clubs that were present. There are plans to do another club fair next year to help get the information out about the different clubs; additionally there are plans to make it an annual tradition that takes place at the beginning of each semester.

  • On Friday February 2nd, Mr. Bell's AP Computer Science Class and Webmaster Team went on a field trip to the Google office in New York City. Here they were able to see the how the company functioned on a day to day basis by touring the office's 10th floor. After the tour finished the students participated in a coding activity in which they were able to create their own search engine using the Python coding language.

    • “You only need to work hard for two years in high school to get into MIT!"
      Andrew Dolan

    • "The trip was very informational with a great activity using the Python coding language."
      Tommy Delmour

    • "The trip was amazing and gave me a goal to someday work at Google. I want those scooters."
      Mikos Panagakos

    • "It was amazing to see how Google’s offices actually operate on a day to day basis, as well as the day to day work of Google’s staff."
      Logan DesRoches

    • "The Google trip was an amazing experience to be able to go to the headquarters of one of the biggest companies in the world. Having the chance to speak to a Googler on how they managed to get hired and what it’s like to be a Googler."
      Daniel Gomez

    • "The offices at Google were amazing, they had a bunch of different thing that their employees could use, like a game room and scooters. It was impressive that they actually get any work done."
      Kyra Goga

    • "The trip was great with on interesting aspect about google I learned is that they have offices in various countries and cities. My favorite part of the trip was the tour."
      Luke O’Brien

    • "I found it interesting that many Googlers work with Macs rather than Chromebooks or other Google based products."
      Lauren Manning

    • "The game room was a lot more empty than I thought. Google uses small teams to do their projects."
      Roland Tumbokon

    • "It was awesome to go and see how a big company like Google operates. Their work environment is very different to that of a regular one. It is impressive that they are able to get any work done."
      Aaron Jones

  • Each year, the New Jersey Department of Education invites public school districts to participate in the Exemplary Educator Recognition Program. The goal of this program is to identify outstanding educators for special recognition. The selected exemplary educators exhibit strong knowledge and skills, an inspiring presence, and a positive impact on students, colleagues and the school community. Through a committee of peers and parents each school selects their own Educator of the Year. School communities are also invited to recognize an Educational Services Professional of the Year (ESPOY). We are pleased to announce the following Cranford High School Educator of the Year:
    Cranford High School: Richard Bell​, Math Teacher
    Cranford High School: Elena Saldutti, CST School Psychologist

  • CHS students competed in the 2018 Speech and Theatre Association of New Jersey (STANJ) competition on January 6th. This is the first year that CHS had one finalist in every category. Katrina Wischusen​, Dramatic Monologue Finalist; Haley Baranowski,​ Comedic Monologue Finalist; Katrina Wischusen​ & Pria McNei​l, 3rd Place Comedy Pairs; Sophie Zacharda​ & Brian Nigro​, Dramatic Pairs Finalists; Alexa Bobko ​& Noah Wohlsen​, 5th Place Dramatic Pairs; Kelly McMahon​ & Katie Manhardt​, Improv Pairs Finalists; Anna Kalafatis​ & Judith Kirkikis​, 6th Place Improv Pairs; Kelly McMahon, 3rd Place Best Actress in State; Noah Wohlsen​, 3rd Place Best Actor in State; "She Kills Monsters", Nora Sullivan, Noah Wohlsen, Andrew Gordon, Sophie Zacharda, Marisa Lijoi, Katie Manhardt, Sullivan Grace, Pria McNeil, Haley Baranowski​, 4th Place Best Scene; "Letters to Sala", Kelly McMahon, Alexa Bobko, Anna Kalafatis​, 2nd Place Best Scene.

  • On December 8, the following students participated in a service learning project as part of the Leadership Conference hosted by the Union County Freeholders at Kean University: Caroline Hartnett, Enya Manning, Paige Antoniwicz, Jose Calixto, Maeve Touhey, Tom Gilmartin, Nina Carbone, Ellie Rokicki, Sasha Knapp ​and Kevin Donovan​.

  • On Thursday January 11th, the 2018 DECA Regional Conference took place. Congratulations to the 36 of the 95 Cranford High School students who will be moving on to compete in the New Jersey State DECA Career Development Conference in Atlantic City from February 27th to March 1st 2018. Here is a complete list of all the students who won at the conference.

  • On Thursday January 11th, CHS^2 hosted graduating seniors, representing Rochester Institute of Technology, Lehigh, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Pace, to speak about their college experience to the members of the club for their meeting. The speakers were past members of the club, or students who had taken Computer Science courses at the high school. They spoke about classes, roommates, commuting versus living on campus, social life, and how CHS prepared them for college.
    Here is a photo from the event

  • Congratulations to the Physics C and Environmental Science teams for winning the opening Science League competition yesterday. Their next match will be on February 8th.

  • CHS sent 100 delegates to participate at the 48th Annual Model United Nations Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The event was host to approximately 1700 students representing 20 schools from the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware area. Several CHS students were awarded for their work at the event. These students include: Danny Nicholas, Colin Budries, Minato Hiroaka, and Nicholas Assaf for Outstanding Country, Madeline Simone for Premier Country, Gabe Beckford for Premier Diplomat, Andrew Rojo for Outstanding Country Research Paper, Cam Matheson for Outstanding 1st Year Delegate, and Burke Jaeger who was elected as Chair of National Building Committee. CHS itself won Outstanding Delegation. Additionally these following students were selected to attend the annual YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs; Burke Jaeger and Emma DeBole with Gabe Beckford was selected as an alternate.
    Here is a write up with all the students who were recognized at the event.

  • Sophomore Daniel Serna was honored at the HomeFirst’s Evening of Thanks Award Event in for his initiative to put together a school supply drive for students in Plainfield. He will be named a HomeFirst Hero. Visit the site for more information: Click Here

  • These students were inducted into the Future Educators of America Clubs: President Sydney Sherburne, Vice President Laura Feeney, Secretary Gianna Fallone, Treasurer Julia Kelly, Diego Colon, Brenna Dolan, Kristen Feeney, Anna Horne, Michelle Kiamie, Mark Lynch, Colleen MacNamara, Gabby Markase, Elizabeth Molfetto, Kaitlyn Petschow, Anna Roberts, Meghan Santarelli, Lauren Sillito, Maddie Szark, Taylor Zolnowski. Barbara Narus serves as advisor.

  • Here is a list of the Cranford High School Performing Arts students who were honored by the International Thespian Society for their outstanding work and academic achievement. There were 31 students total that were honored. Here is the full list of students and the awards they won.

  • Congrats to the APA actors and actresses who competed at STANJ over the weekend of December 30th-31st. Katrina Wischusen, Dramatic Monologue Finalist. Haley Baranowski, Comedic Monologue Finalist. Katrina Wischusen and Pria McNeil, 3rd Place Comedy Pairs. Sophie Zacharda and Brian Nigro, Dramatic Pairs finalists. Alexa Bobko and Noah Wohlsen, 5th Place Dramatic Pairs. Kelly McMahon and Katie Manhardt, Improv Pairs Finalists. Anna Kalafatis and Judith Kirkikis 6th Place Improv Pairs. Kelly McMahon and Noah Wohlsen, 3rd Place Best Actress and Actor in State.

  • On December 15th Cranford High School had its second Midnight Gaming event. At this event students can play tabletop games with all of their friends at the high school. The event took place from three to nine pm on Friday the 15th. Senior Tommy Delmour, one of the students in charge of the event, had this to say, "Midnight gaming was amazing, and it was great to see that so many people showed up. There were a lot of games played, and many prizes given out. I think that the event was great, and I had a lot of fun playing Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering. It was a great time and I cannot wait until the next one."

  • Three CHS students, Dane Hagstrom, Dan Iosso, and Isiah Johnstone attended the Hack-a-Thon. The Hack-a-Thon is an event where you are placed into groups and you are tasked with creating something that involves different types of programming. The group was able to play games, create programs, and receive SWAG from the event. One member of the team said that the group came into the event without an idea as well as having limited knowledge of coding on different platforms. However, he said that he still enjoyed attending the event and would go again. He also stated that he came away from the event with this, "I learned very basics of Java, to come in knowing about what you want to do ... and to know how to code".
    Here is a photo of a program the group was working on

  • Mrs. Williams and The Crew of L421 have started shopping for the teachers of CHS. The students will be going to Target to take care of last minute holiday shopping as well as to shop for groceries for the CHS staff.

  • From Wednesday December 6th through Friday December 8th, CHS freshmen attended the Hour of Code. Here the students learned about all the different Computer Science classes offered at the high school. Classes such as Graphics taught by Mr. Gorman to Computer Aided Drafting and Design taught by Mr. Rosenblum as well as Web Design taught by Mr. Bell, even including details about a new class, Cyber Security, taught by Mr. Jala. After hearing about all of the offered classes students were given the opportunity to code themselves on the website code.org.
    Here are some of our freshmen working on coding activities:

  • On December 6th, the CHS Latin Club held its annual "Saturnalia" Roman feast in the CHS senior cafeteria. Around 50 students attended and enjoyed food, fun, and prizes from Italy and Greece. Additionally the students participated in a variety of contests such as the toga-draping and the Latin Trivia Certamen.

  • On Wednesday November 22nd many CHS students participated in the "Blankets of Love" event. The students made 140 blankets which were donated to the Trinitas Hospital Connie Dwyer Breast Cancer Foundation. The facility is newly opened and cares for many people in need.

  • Congratulations to Mr. Corazza for winning the Turk-A-Teacher contest. Even with a broken wing he was still able to suit up. The Turk-A-Teacher event raised a total of $116 which was donated to Cranford Family Cares. Here is a photo:

  • CHS senior Natalie Schindler had her work selected for the School of Visual Art's juried high school art exhibit 2017 America. The reception is Thursday, November 30th, 6-8 PM at SVA Gramercy Gallery.

  • This year Mr. Gorman's Advanced Graphics class participated in the Memory Project by creating digital portraits for children in the Philippines. The Memory Project is a nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their students to create portraits for youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges such as neglect, abuse, loss of parents, and extreme poverty.
    Here is a photo

    Additionally, here is a link to a video about the Memory Project.

  • On Friday October 27th, members of Mr. Jala's AP Compute Science Principals class and Mr. Bell’s Webmaster Team attended a presentation about Cyber Security at Kean University. The presentation hosted speakers from the FBI, AT&T, and Google. The students learned valuable information from John Liefert, Principal Member of Technical Staff at AT&T, about how to safely access the internet when you are not connected to your own secure network, and just how easy it is for a hacker to access your information when you use public wifi. Students also learned about the government’s role in Cyber Security from Philip Frigm, an FBI Supervisory Special Agent. Additionally, the students received information on how to land a job at Google from Google representative Sam Morales, Program Manager.
    Here is a photo

    For a full write up of the event click here.

  • CHS arts students recently had the opportunity to engage with college professionals. Professors and students from Montclair State University's theater and acting program visited CHS to perform and work alongside the students in the acting academy in a master class and workshop. Moreover, representatives from the School of Art Institute of Chicago and MassArt visited and shared information about their programs and portfolio reviews with the CHS art students.

  • Supervisor of Fine and Performing Arts Anthony Rafaniello commented that, "Theater season in Cranford is underway." The fall play, You Can't Take it With You, is scheduled for November 17-18, 2017. Additionally, the spring musical, Legally Blonde, is set to take place on March 16-18, 2018.

  • On October 27th, CHS' AP Latin students attended Classics Day at Montclair State University. The students attended two lectures regarding features of an epic hero in ancient and contemporary societies as well as a lecture discussing the mythological stories of Ovid. Additionally, the students participated in an academic competition concerning grammar, Roman civilization, and Greco-Roman mythology.
    Here is a photo

  • CHS Spanish teachers Yasmin Torres and Renee Faller, who is also an ESL teacher, worked together to assist to the guidance and child study team by translating documents from Spanish to English in order to provide appropriate services for a new student from Puerto Rico.

  • For the 2017-2019 academic years, Cranford Public Schools was one of eight districts nationwide to be chosen as a host school for J-LEAP. J-LEAP stands for “Japanese Language Education Assistant Program”, which brings native Japanese Language Assistant Teachers to educational institutions in the U.S. for up to two years. The purpose is to strengthen Japanese language programs and provide an assistant teacher to team-teach with the lead teacher in their classes. The program started in 2011 and is jointly administered by The Japan Foundation and The Laurasian Institution.
    On October 18, 2017, Leslie Roberts, Japanese Language Specialist from The Laurasian Institution, visited both Hillside Avenue School and Cranford High School. Roberts-sensei observed Wingate-sensei (lead teacher) and Kimura-sensei’s (assistant teacher) Japanese classes and gave extremely valuable feedback to both teachers.
    That morning, Roberts-sensei met with Dr. Fogas and Ms. Santa to present a certificate of recognition to Hillside Avenue School. During the afternoon, she presented a second certificate of recognition to Mr. Cantagallo and Mrs. Bellino at Cranford High School. This certificate is not only to commend selected Japanese Programs that are participating in a very competitive fellowship, but also to welcome colleagues into the J-LEAP family.

  • On Saturday October 21st, the CHS Marching Band placed 2nd overall and the percussion placed first place at the competition at Ridge High School.

  • CHS is proud to announce that in 2017, there were 791 AP Exams taken, and 155 students have been designated as AP Scholars.

  • The CHS Opening Gala Concert took place on October 12th, under the direction of Anthony Rafaniello, supervisor of performing and fine arts, Emily Donahue, head of the dance program, Dan Chernosky, head of the band program, David Marconi, head of the acting program, and Meghan Magnus, head of the choral program, along with the performance of the students, the event went outstanding.
    Principal Mark Cantagallo commented,
    "The elegance and grace of the dancers, the pointed and directed notes of the band, the conviction and hilarity of the actors, as well as the serenity and pitch of the choir brought the audience to a state of euphoria."

  • CHS students Charles Bernstein, Joseph Coyne, Burke Jaeger, Max Kopla, Noah Kopla, Alex Gee, Christian Malamug, Matthew Mallick, Juliana Marcotrigiano, Pria McNeil, Rose Michetti, Robert Morris, Madison Panno, Laura Salway, Madeline Simone, Justin Witwick, and Noah Wohlsen have been selected for the American Choral Directors' Association All-Eastern Honor Choir. In March, these students will perform in Pittsburgh with other top singers from high schools in the Northeast.

  • CHS seniors Meg Cui and Nicholas Macchi were nominated for the US Presidential Scholars program.

  • The Latin Club created a scarecrow which is currently placed on Walnut Ave. Here is a photo of some of the members and their scarecrow.

  • At the Somerville Pioneer Band Festival, the CHS marching band placed second in their division and won Best Music.

  • Burke Jaeger and Paulina Onisko, Science Academy students, have been working with a UCC Science Professor in an attempt to create composite material using mushrooms.

  • The CHS Marching Band placed first in their division at the Scotch Plains-Fanwood Marching Band Festival.

  • Senior Clair Ushay made history as the first CHS student to go out for Open Campus.

  • Cranford High School ranks in the top 100 of public high schools in New Jersey. View its ranking here.
    In a national analysis of public high schools, the Washington Post ranked Cranford High School 535th. Additionally, CHS received the rank of 18th best high school in New Jersey and 2nd best in Union County.

  • On September 8th Cranford High School started using the Rotate and Drop Schedule. This was Principal Mark Cantagallo's reaction:
    "On September 8, 2017, Cranford High School made history. We started our first day of the Rotate and Drop Schedule. It was an impressive event that was well executed by the teachers, students, custodians, administrators, secretaries, and community members. We stand together unified and changed the direction of Cranford High School forever,".
    Most CHS students have taken a liking to the new schedule. One senior stated that, "We are able to complete more in depth learning activities during class, I enjoy the longer periods", while another student noted that, "I am not rushing around the building anymore and I have time to get work done during lunch".
    Teachers have also developed feelings similar to those of the students. One teacher stating that,
    "I like that I can transition to multiple class activities during the class period. The students are getting a lot accomplished during class. The students love the new schedule and enjoy coming to school more. I am able to assist students on a one to one basis now...Kids are coming to me for extra help during lunch and it is helping them understand things before the next class. I was not a believer, but seeing it in action is amazing, I am on board now."
    Here is a link to the schedule that we will be using for the rest of the year. Good luck and enjoy the school year.