2023 Summer Assignments


The summer assignments are provided to prepare students for their upcoming mathematics course. It serves as a review of key concepts that will help lay the foundation for the next class. Students are encouraged, over the summer, to review these materials and be prepared in September.

You may be assessed on these concepts during the first week of school, so be sure to let your teacher know upon returning if you still need help understanding any of them. After checking your answers, please retry any problems you had incorrect, and come to school with a list of specific questions relating to any of the ideas/problems in the packet.

Algebra I

Algebra I Summer Packet

Algebra I Summer Packet khanacademy links

Algebra I Answer Sheet

CP Geometry

Summer Assignment

Honors Geometry

Summer Assignment

Answer Sheet

CP Algebra II/ CP Algebra II & Intro to Trig

Algebra II Summer Packet

Algebra II Summer Packet Answers

Algebra II & Intro to Trig Honors

Algebra 2 Honors Assignment

Algebra 2 Honors Assignment Answers

Algebra 2 Honors Extra Practice

Algebra 2 Honors Extra Practice Answers

CP Pre-Calc and Trig

Pre-Calc and Trig Summer Packet

Pre-Calc and Trig Summer Packet Answers

Pre-Calc and Trig Honors

Pre-Calc and Trig Summer Packet

Pre-Calc and Trig Summer Packet answers

CP Calculus

There is no Calculus CP summer assignment. If you would like to review skills, you can preview the AP Calculus problems

AP Calculus

Students should have received a copy of the summer assignment from their Pre-Calculus teacher (or you can print a copy from the links below). There will be an in-class quiz on this material in the first week of school. There are notes provided below as well as the answers to assist you.

AP Calc Summer Assignment

AP Calc Summer Assignment Answers Key

Piecewise Functions

Interval Notation Inequalities

Domain & Range


Operations on Functions

Simplifying Complex Franctions

Computer Science

AP Computer Science A (Bell)

The Google Classroom code is 4efeahp.


AP Biology

AP Biology Summer Packet 2023-2024.

Bozeman Properties of Life Video Review Worksheet.

Biological Molecules Video Review Sheet.

AP Biology Course Information Bozeman Videos.

AP Chemistry

Please use the following code to sign up for the AP Chemistry Summer Google Classroom: hmr5l57. The summer assignment is posted there along with additional resources to help prepare you for the beginning of the year. Please reach out with any questions or concerns: morrissey@cranfordschools.org

Honors Chemistry

The suggested review was posted on all Biology Google Classrooms. You can join the Summer Honors Chemistry Google Classroom (code: jk4epr4) to access the review and/or answers.

AP Environmental Science

The Summer assignment can be found on Google Classroom, Use code: tfsqbx5

AP Physics

AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment.

AP Physics C Summer Assignment.

Social Studies

World Language

AP Spanish Lit



AP Spanish Language


Story - Un día de estos

Story - Sala de espera

Additional AP World Language

AP French [Classroom Code: 7t6y4dq]

AP Latin

AP German [Classroom Code: 7sel344]

AP Japanese