2019-2020 Summer Assignments


Algebra I

Algebra I Summer Packet

Algebra I Answer Sheet

Honors Geometry

Summer Assignment

CP Algebra II

Algebra II Summer Packet

Algebra II Answer Sheet

Algebra II Honors

Algebra 2 Honors Assignment

Algebra 2 Honors Assignment Answers

Algebra 2 Honors Extra Practice

Algebra 2 Honors Extra Practice Answers

CP Pre-Calc and Trig

Pre-Calc and Trig Summer Packet

Pre-Calc and Trig Summer Packet Answers

AP Calculus

Students should have received a copy of the summer assignment from their Pre-Calculus teacher (or you can print a copy from the links below). There will be an in-class quiz on this material in the first week of school. There are notes provided below as well as the answers to assist you.

AP Calc Summer Assignment

AP Calc Summer Assignment Answers Key

Piecewise Functions

Interval Notation Inequalities

Domain & Range


Operations on Functions

Simplifying Complex Franctions

Computer Science

AP Computer Science A (Bell)

If you have taken the Intro Course, please use this assignment.

If you have not taken the Intro Course, please use this assignment.

AP Computer Science Principles (Jala)

Summer Assignment


AP Physics

AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment.

AP Physics C Summer Assignment.

AP Biology

Click Here to View the Assignment.

AP Environmental Science

Summer Assignment

AP Chemistry

For a description of what you need to complete and the assignments themselves, click here, here, here, and here.

There will be a brief meeting at 11:00AM on Friday, June 14, in L101 to discuss the course and sign out a text book along with a physical copy of the summer assignment. During the summer the assignment and text book can be picked up in guidance.

Honors Chemistry

Honors Chemistry Summer Assignment

Honors Chemistry Summer Assignment Answers