Special Announcements

  • Environmental Science Class Turns Aluminum into "Bagel Gold"
    Mr. Leong’s Environmental Science class participated in a year-long project where students collected aluminum cans that were turned in at a metals reclamation facility in exchange for money.
    To raise students’ environmental awareness, aluminum cans that conventionally would be recycled, or more sadly, end up in the waste stream were separated, rinsed and brought to school.
    The class amassed a total of 25,822 grams of aluminum, or approximately 56 lbs. Bridget Kachoogian led the way with 8,132 g [18 lbs.], followed by Elliot Parker [6,415 g, 14 lbs.] and Melanie Ruela [3,998 g, 9 lbs.]
    With Mr. Leong’s assistance, cans were brought to the facility, weighed, and turned into cash at an exchange rate of $0.60 / lb., totalling $34.16.
    To celebrate students’ efforts, money was used to purchase bagels & cream cheese for a class end-of the-year party.

  • DECA International Career Development Conference
    Billy Johnson and Benjamin Serna attended the DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, GA from April 23 through 27, 2022. More than 17,000 students, judges, advisors, and business professionals from all over the United States attended this yearly conference. Here, students not only showcase their business talents but have the opportunity to attend leadership seminars, attend a trade show, and network with dozens of business professionals and other DECA delegates from across the country and beyond. Read more about it here.

  • "the carnelian corner"
    Senior Sophi Joseph created the "the carnelian corner," an online literary magazine designed to uplift minority voices. Read more about it here!

  • April Students of the Month
    CHS April "Students of the Month" are nominated based on Leadership and/or Achievement and/or Improvement and/or Service! This month, we are honoring:
    9th grade: Alexis DeLaCuesta and Jacob Smolanof
    10th grade: Ryan Klimko and Sasha Shectman
    11th grade: Elizabeth Beckley and Derek Gutierrez
    12th grade: Hailey Gesselin and Matt Zatorsky

  • Speech & Theater Arts New Jersey
    Congratulations to Bailey Croft for winning the Senior Scholarship Award and placed 4th in Musical Solo at the annual STANJ (Speech & Theater Arts New Jersey) competition. Click here for more information and the full list of nominees.

  • Outstanding Student Achievements
    Congratulations to all of CHS students who made the High Honor Roll (straight A's) and the Honor Roll (all A's & B's). Please click here for the complete list of students who are being recognized in grades 9, 10, 11 & 12.

  • Youth and Government
    This year's Conference is over and students excelled at the competition. Andrew Ashinoff and Reagan Leahy passed their bills. Reagan also won "Premier First- Year Delegate" and "Outstanding Legislation." Andrew Ashinoff and Maddie Ryan were nominated to attend the CONA leadership conference this summer. Three other students advanced bills for debate, though they did not pass: Simon Betancor, Alexa Chen, Maddie Ryan. Alexa Chen made it to a final debate for a new crisis-committee competition.

  • March Students of the Month
    CHS March "Students of the Month" are nominated based on Leadership and/or Achievement and/or Improvement and/or Service! This month, we are honoring:
    9th grade: Liam Gonzalez and Elan Head
    10th grade: Aly (Alyson) Messina and Albedo (Emily) Lassen
    11th grade: Kim O'Donnell and Ryan Roese
    12th grade: Caroline Willis and Willam Rokicki

  • Class of 2022 Valedictorian and Salutatorian
    Congratulations to the Class of 2022's Valedictorian, Abby Bacall and Salutatorian Sophia Pan!

  • NCWIT Awardees 2022
    Congratulations to Sophia Pan and Breona Pizzuta for winning the 2022 New Jersey Affiliate Award! We'd like to also congratulate Alyssa Cisneros and Rachel Sweet for winning the National Certificate of Distinction! Read more about these aspiring women in STEM here.

  • Class of 2022 Fashion Show
    The Class of 2022 had their fashion show with a total of 14 acts and 3 musical performances. Pictures of the event and our magnificent participants can be found here!

  • April Fools
    The Webmaster Team took the website back in time to 1935!

  • NJATJ Japanese Language and Culture Award
    Every year, member teachers of New Jersey Association of Teachers of Japanese (NJATJ) are invited to nominate students for the Japanese Language and Culture Award. A select number of students throughout New Jersey have been named to receive this award in recognition of their hard work, achievement, and interest in learning the language and culture of Japan.
    This year's honored CHS students are pictured above (left to right): Garret Hanlon, Wilbur Saionz and Owen Usinowicz.
    On the main NJATJ homepage, please view this year's congratulatory speeches and 2022's nominated scholars.

  • The Drowsy Chaperone
    Congratulations to the cast, crew and staff on their performances of the Drowsy Chaperone from March 11-13. All three performances were outstanding! Please click the attached link to read a wonderful article about The Drowsy Chaperone, written by 11th grader Lily Young as part of a journalism internship program with TAPinto Cranford.

  • NJ HS Chess Championship
    Congratuations to Ethan Lanier, Zach Epstein, Nick Leonardis, and Ryan Whitmore for winning 3rd place at the New Jersey State High School Chess Championship in the Junior Varsity Bracket! The 4 highest rated players from each school completed at the Union County Vocational Technical School on March 5 and 6.

  • Principal's List & Honor Roll
    Congratulations to all CHS students who achieved academic honors this past marking period. Please click here for the names of students who are listed on the Principal's List (A/A) and the Honor Roll (A/B).

  • February Students of the Month
    CHS February "Students of the Month" are nominated based on Leadership and/or Achievement and/or Improvement and/or Service! This month, we are honoring:
    9th grade: Madison Cardona and Jacob Liss
    10th grade: Nicole Janucik and Thomas McCarthy
    11th grade: Gabriella Baiada and Ben Monahan
    12th grade: Nick Swandak and Asher Shectman

  • DECA Honors
    We are so proud to announce that Cranford High School DECA has once again achieved excellence at the 2022 NJ State Career Development Conference in Atlantic City. Special thank you to DECA Advisors, Donna Cathcart & Gregg Braff for their guidance. Please click here for details.

  • Staff Photoshop Contest
    Congratuations to Michael Tona for winning this year's Photoshop Contest! We would like to thank Mrs. Szegula for her participation, congratulate the finalists, and give a round of applause to everyone who took part in the competition.

  • Harmonium Choral Society
    Congratulations to Asher Shectman for composing the Harmonium Choral Society's 2021 Grand Prize-Winning piece, Alchemy. Please click here for details.

  • Midnight Gaming
    The Strategist Club hosted their annual Midnight Gaming Event.

  • MUN Formal
    The Cranford High School Model U. N. Club hosted their MUN formal today, celebrating this year's delegation and saw the transition of power to next year's officers.

  • January Students of the Month
    CHS January "Students of the Month" are nominated based on Leadership and/or Achievement and/or Improvement and/or Service! This month, we are honoring:
    9th grade: Angelina Ret and Ryan West
    10th grade: Emily Munoz and Joey Tona
    11th grade: Charlie Hasbrouk and Kyra Patterson
    12th grade: Alyssa Cisneros and Justin Lotito

  • National Classical Etymology Exam
    Latin students in Ms. Mcguire's classes had the opportunity to take the National Classical Etymology Exam. Three students received medals for their performance on the exam. Congratulations to:
    - Ella Bradley (Gold medal)
    - Shane Hamblin (Silver medal)
    - Cathryn Brown (Bronze medal)
    Ms. McGuire is applauded for giving students not only the opportunity to participate in these voluntary exams, but for preparing them for such an impressive performance.

  • December Students of the Month
    CHS December "Students of the Month" are nominated based on Leadership and/or Achievement and/or Improvement and/or Service! This month, we are honoring:
    9th grade: Isabella Aslin and Andrew Cisneros
    10th grade: Ryan Carracino and Molly Devlin
    11th grade: Gwyneth Farley and Connor Hoefling
    12th grade: Robert Janish and Patrick Macnab

  • DECA Districts Winners
    Cranford High School DECA is once again proud to announce the winners of the NJ Central East District Conference which was held on December 7, 2021. Hundreds of DECA members from Central New Jersey competed against each other in a variety of marketing and business-related written tests. It was unfortunate that the role play component of the conference, where students showcase their problem-solving skills in a variety of scenarios, was canceled due to Covid.
    Please see the attached list of finalists and top scorers. If you should see any of these students, please congratulate them on their success. We are most proud of them!

  • 2022 Cranford H.S. MUN Conference Awards
    The Cranford High School Model U. N. Club participated in the 52nd annual YMCA Model United Nations Conference which was held virtually. Our delegation of 40 students participated in the conference with approximately 1,000 students representing over 30 schools throughout the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland area.
    Here is a list of our students' accomplishments:
    Cranford High School Model U.N. club received Outstanding Delegation.
    Tami Roemer was elected as Press Chair. This position is an officer position within the YMCA Model U. N. Conference. As part of the Officer Corps, Tami will plan next year's MUN Conference.
    Sophia Joseph and Aidan Karant were invited to attend the annual YMCA Youth Conference On National Affairs (CONA). Breona Pizzuta was selected as an alternate for CONA. Twenty-five student delegates of the approximately 1000 who attend the conference are selected for this honor.
    A big thank you to the staff that joined us virtually to supervise committee sessions.

  • CHS Fine Art Student wins contest
    Congratulations to CHS Fine Art student Audrey Esteves, whose painting of @delice_macarons won the 365 WNJ's "Spotlight on Cranford Teen Artists" contest!

  • November Students of the Month
    CHS November "Students of the Month" are nominated based on Leadership and/or Achievement and/or Improvement and/or Service! This month, we are honoring:
    9th grade: Zara Hammond and Aleksandr Szczepankiewicz
    10th grade: Olivia Arroyo and Ilana Fitzer
    11th grade: Samantha Lester and Benjamin McMahon
    12th grade: Andrew Ashinoff and Sophia Pan

  • Congratulations!
    2021 Educational Professional of the Year - Sue Cave
    2021 Teacher of the Year - Nikki Savino-Mulcahy

  • October Students of the Month
    CHS October "Students of the Month" are nominated based on Leadership and/or Achievement and/or Improvement and/or Service! This month, we are honoring:
    9th grade: Cristiano Ambrosio and Noel McNeil
    10th grade: Isabelle Graceffo and Gabby Zachodylo
    11th grade: Thomas Adamski and Dylan McDonald
    12th grade: Liam Kwiatkowski and Caroline Morris

  • Trojan Horse
    The CHS Latin Club and the CHS Wood Technology Club joined forces to construct the Trojan Horse for the Cranford Scarecrow Stroll Competition held in Downtown Cranford. After several weeks of tracing, cutting, nailing, painting, and deliberating, the Trojan Horse got a ride downtown to the gazebo next to the train station!

  • September Students of the Month
    CHS September "Students of the Month" are nominated based on Leadership and/or Achievement and/or Improvement and/or Service! This month, we are honoring:
    9th grade: Christopher Chapman and Owen Younger
    10th grade: Shane Hamblin and Aiden Nester
    11th grade: Dakota Brown-Howard and Samantha Burns
    12th grade: Mia Alvarez and Zara Mendez

  • National Merit Scholarship Program
    We would like to recognize the students who were invited to participate in the National Merit Scholarship program based on their junior year PSAT scores: Mia Alvarez, Abby Bacall, Sofia Bongiovanni, Gianna Melise, Sophia Pan, Sofia Pollack, Ethan Sachs and Asher Schectman! We would like to further congratulate Sophia Pan for becoming a National Merit Semi-Finalist!