Hall Of Fame

Terry Biunno
Picture of Terry Biunno

Terry Biunno was a successful student-athlete at Cranford High School and even went on to play collegiate Softball at Glassboro State College from 1975-1978. Biunno returned to Cranford to be a varsity Softball coach winning 10 conference titles, 1 county title, and 3 sectional state championships. Terry will go down as one of the most successful coaches in Cranford history and will never be forgotten.

Candace Borges Huetterman
Picture of Candace Borges Huetterman

Candace Borges Huetterman was likely the most successful Tennis player in Cranford history. Her major success began in High School when she won 23 county titles in various events in 4 years, which seems impossible but she actually did it. She then went on to James Madison University where her success continued. she was a top singles player. That's not where it ends however, Candace went on to join the US Professional Tennis Association and even went on to create "Hot Shot Tennis". A successful Tennis program for children. Candace is the real deal. Good job Candace.

Taylor D'Antico
Picture of Taylor D'Antico

Taylor D'Antico was an elite three sport athlete in Soccer, Basketball, and Softball. taylor went on to recieve countless awards and scholarships eventually deciding on attending the University of maryland and recieving a doctorate at Rutgers in 2018. It is extremely impressive to be this good at sports and also extremely smart. Congratulations Taylor.

Nik Fekete
Picture of Nik Fekete

Nik Fekete was one of the most successful wrestlers in Cranford history. In High School, Nik qualified for the state tournament multiple times in his career and was county champion twice. Nik went on to wrestle at Michigan State where he was an All-American and a member of the National Freestyle team. Nik was so good at wrestling he even competed at the olympic trials in 2008. Whether you know Nik personally or not, we all know that we would not want to step on the mat against him.

Kimberly Kupka Donatella
Picture of Kimberly Ann Kupka

Kimberly Kupka Donatella was one of the most successful gymnasts in Cranford history. Kimberly was a state finalist multiple times in her career and was dominant in Union County making the All-County team multiple times. Using her County championships and her state placements she attended James Madison University where she competed and became an Acedemic All American. The sport of Gymnastics is hard enough in itself, to be this good is something to be very proud of. Congratulatins Kimberly.

Jessica McCoy
Picture of Jessica McCoy

Jessica McCoy was a two sport varsity athlete in Cranford and was dominant in both. Jessica is the 2nd all time womens leading scorer with multiple All-State and All-County selections. Along with Jessica's 1,276 points in Basketball, she was a successful Field Hockey player as she was 1st team All-State in 2012. Her success didn't end in High School however, Jessica went on to attend Case Western Reserve University where she balled out and finished as a top 10 scorer in school history. To be this lethal on the court is something that cannot be done without hard work and dedication. Good work Jessica.

Timmy Meyer
Picture of Timmy Meyer

Timmy Meyer never lost a game as a Cranford Baseball player. Meyer was a key piece to Cranford Baseball's amazing success in the late 90's. Meyer was also an All-County and All-State player in his time which solidifies him as one of the most successful Cranford Baseball players of all time. Congratulations Timmy.

Margaret Morrow
Picture of Maggie Morrow

Maggie Morrow ran really far, really fast. Morrow was a Varsity Track athlete and had several high placements at sectional meets and even attended the NJ Meet of Champions multiple times for her events. From 1600 meters to 3200 meters Morrow was solid. Morrow was even named to the all CENTURY Union County team in 1999. 100 years of runners and she was still the best. Congratulations Maggie.

Sylvanus Shaw
Picture of Van Shaw

When we first read how far this guy could throw a Javelin, we almost passed out (not actually). Van Shaw was a varsity track athlete in the javelin throw for 3 years. After that he went on to throw at the collegiate level where he set the record for Rice university and won numerous meets. Van's PR throw was 231.10 feet. For anybody that has thrown a javelin before you understand how far that is. Congratulations Van Shaw.

Michael Snyder
Picture of Mike Snyder

Michael Snyder played Varsity basketball player from 1998 to 2001. Snyder was almost impossible to guard and was one of the most impressive offensive weapons in Cranford history. Snyder was an all state player and holds the scoring record and assist record for CHS, this resulted in his jersey becoming retired. Snyder went on to play basketball at TCNJ until 2005 and will go down as a top player in the history of Cranford. Snyder also returned to Cranford to become a Baseball coach and continue his success. Good Job Mike.

Jamie Shriner
Picture of Jamie Shriner

Jamie Shriner was one of the most successful and triumphant coaches in Cranford Baseball history. Though Shriner only coached from 1996-1998, he won a group 3 state championship in '97 and had a three year record of 71-8. It only took him three years to achieve this much along with becoming the Star Ledger Coach of the year in 1997. Congratulations Coach.

The 1986 Wrestling Team
Picture of 1986 Wrestling Team

"Teamwork, Leadership, Conditioning, Achievment" were the words the 1986 Wrestling team lived by. This eventually led to the team becoming the 5th ranked team in NJ (best ranking in school history) and to a 16-1 record. This team, led by Coach Ferrara, won several championships in the County, Section, and Group. To top it off, this team had multiple state placers in a stacked Varsity lineup. Good Job 1986 team.

The 1997 Baseball Team
Picture of 1997 Baseball Team

The 1997 Baseball team under Head Coach Shriner and Asst. Coach Bowness, finished rank #1 in Union County and rank #2 in the state of NJ. The team was unstoppable as they finished with a 27-2 record and became Group 3 State Champions to finish the historic season. Congratulations '97 team.

The 1999 Baseball Team
Picture of the 1999 Baseball Team

The 1999 Baseball Team was one of the most dominant teams in a stacked history of Cranford Baseball teams. The group finished with the most wins in CHS history with 28 and finished rank #1 in Union County and rank #8 in the state and were Group 3 champions. This team will go down in the books as one of the most threatening groups to play against in Cougar history. Good Job '99 team.

The 2008 Volleyball Team
Picture of the 2008 Volleyball Team

The 2008 Volleyball team under coach Diaz and Asst. Coaches Hayeck and McDarby were unstoppable. They ranked 5th in NJ with a 25-4 record and were undefeated in the state tournament. Not only this, but multiple players on the team to the All-Conference and All-County teams. To be this successful of a team is nothing short of amazing, and feats like this can only be achieved through hardwork. Good Job '08 team.

The Cranford Police Athletic League
Picture of the PAL

The Cranford Police Athletic League (PAL) has been providing the youth of Cranford with opportunities and special moments since 1981. Cranford PAL has serviced over 20,000 kids and enabled them to play sports. Out of these kids, 90% went on to play CHS sports. Using only Cranford volunteers, the PAL used fundraising to support children with cancer, support the Special Olympics, help Cranford Sports, and work to prevent youth drug and alchohol use. The PAL is a prime example of the good people of Cranford and the efforts that they have made to ensure the success of the younger generations. Thank you Cranford PAL.

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