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September Spotlight:
Mr. Corazza

Mr. Corazza

“It’s just a flesh wound.”
—John Cleese as The Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)


- Department and Classes:

English department: English 2, Film as Literature, Film Design, Graphic Novel.

- Years at CHS:


- Alma mater:

The College of New Jersey

- Fun Facts:

- I enjoy long distance running.
- I used to enjoy making Vito is old jokes and Vito is short jokes, however, I am currently focusing my efforts on complementing Vito as years of conditioning has made that unsettling for him.
- I am the advisor for the film club.
- I love all things horror. Scaring students in my film classes is a particular pleasure of mine.
- Mr. Campbell and I are undefeated in Senior Lock-In can jam in 8 years at CHS.
- I got Mr. Vito a Matt Hardy personalized short birthday message for his centennial birthday.


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